Korfball drills for all skills

  • Per basket you have the goal to score 75x.
  • Passing ball: 25x.
  • Short chance with intermediate pass: 25x.
  • Penalty throw: 25x.
  • Attacker with ball under the basket, attacker in front of the basket:
  • Attacker starts wide:
    • Gets the ball on the outside, ball is turned around the body, and played in again for a DLB.
    • Without ball inside for deflection, then run in for DLB.
    • When you have the ball, turn it around the body and finish.
    • Attacker takes a shot, then starts in towards the backfield where the ball is played, ball around the body towards DLB. (pass behind the back)
  • Passing to and stepping out of bounds to take the shot.
  • Ditto but jumping in to the shot.
  • Passing to the next player to get the shot.
  • Shooter with his back to the declarer, declarer shouts 'YES' and plays to the shooter.
  • Idem, but this time playing next to the archer to jump in.

  • Depending on the number of players per basket, the assignments may change:
    • per 2 it is simply 1 against 1, and your goal is to be the first to get 3 points.
    • Per 3, we have shooter 1 who does the assignment, if passed, both opponents must undo the point.
    • If only one of the opponents completes the counter mission, the shooter gets 1 point. If none of the opponents completes the counter mission, the shooter gets 2 points.
    • Your goal is to be the first to get 4 points.
  • Make 2 out of 5 distance shots (6 m.);
    • Then you get one chance of 4 m.
    • Which you must score to earn a point.
    • Your opponent can undo this point by also scoring the 4 m. chance.
  • score 3 out of 5 short chances (4 m.);
    • then score 2 penalty shots (out of 2) to earn a point.
    • Your opponent can undo this by scoring both penalty shots as well.
  • Score 2 out of 5 shots from behind the basket (5 m.);
    • then score 3 walk-throughs (out of 3 chances) to earn a point.
    • Your opponent can undo this by also scoring 3 walk-through balls.
  • score 1 of 5 distance shots (8 m.);
    • then score 3 out of 4 chances under the basket.
    • Your opponent can undo this by scoring 3 out of 3 chances under the basket 2.
  • Make up 2/3 teams and do the following assignments:
    • Pass balls
    • Dropping balls (short distance)
    • Penalty throw
    • Distance shots (minimum 6 meters)
  • Do all this for 2 minutes per person per task and write down the number of points you have scored.

  • The poles are in the middle of the field.
  • The through balls are taken from the sideline and we run through to the other sideline.
  • Then back to the pole.
  • Each player runs for 2,5 minutes and gives the other time.
  • Posts are in the middle of the field.
  • The players walk from the sideline to the pole, take a walkthrough and walk to the other side of the field.
  • Each player runs 2 times 2,5 minutes back and forth.
  • They also pass the ball twice.
  • Each time 5 times through the rope ladder Starting slowly and increasing your speed slightly each time, so that the 5th time is at full speed.
    • Walk through with two feet inside the ladder.
    • 2 feet inside the ladder/ two feet outside the ladder with knee in angle of 90 degrees.
    • Hopping left twice from left to side, to the middle, then hopping right twice to right side and right back in.
    • Sideways 2 feet in and two out.
    • 2 forward, 1 backward, 2 forward etc.

  • Play 4:4, after interception the ball comes to the centre line, after which the attack starts again.
  • Attack 3 times and then switch functions.
  • The assignment is to play as wide as possible and catch from space.
  • Think about the trained exercises.
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