Korfball drills for all skills

  • Sideways to the right.
  • Sprint diagonally.
  • Steady backward.
  • Sprint diagonally.
  • Hopping.
  • Sideways to the left.
  • Slowly back to the start.
  • We do this 5 times.
  • Plays with 4 players around the post.
  • Player 1 takes the pass immediately after a pass.
  • Player 2 passes to player 3.
  • Player 3 passes to player 1 in the pass.
  • Player 2 turns around the forward and catches the ball.
  • Bitch passes to one of the two attacking players.
  • Player takes a shot.
  • It is important to keep a high ball tempo, to fill in quickly, to fill in the right persons and to throw in the right hand.
  • 2 or 3 per pole.
  • In front of the post, at a distance of 4 to 5 metres, two pawns in a line about 3 metres apart.
  • Player 1 moves sideways between the cones.
  • At a random moment, the ball is played to him. (after 1,2 or 3 times to and fro) and makes a shot.
  • In case of a triple team with a defender who gives pressure but allows the shot.
  • Change after a certain number of shots.
  • Practicing leg 2 and 3.
  • The ball is played to the back of the basket.
  • The lady who gets it there plays the ball back from the one who played it and gets free at the ball side towards the front of the basket.
  • There she gets the ball back and stands in a perfect position next to the basket.
  • The lady in front of the box who is already moving, breaks through as soon as the ball is in the hands of the runner.
  • The movement in front must be such that the defender does not dare to look.
  • In the case of a frightened defender, walking is enough, but if the defender is more confident, you will have to move more sharply
  • Leg 3 is the same, but then the lady is played who is not in front, but in the diagonal of the attacker.
  • This lady also breaks through via the ball side
  • First practise without an opponent, then with opponents and allow the defenders to play the ball
  • They may, however, try to frustrate the attackers' runs.
  • Score with a pair of 20 distance shots from the post.
  • The shooter shoots 5 times and is always moving on all sides of the post.
  • After 5 shots, the players switch functions.
  • The catcher tries to catch the ball before it hits the ground.
  • That means you have to judge where the ball is coming from to be in time to catch it.
  • Play the ball deep into the box.
  • The one who plays the ball takes the catch.
  • The second lady passes the ball on to one of the other players and uses the block near the post to pass.
  • The player with the ball plays the ball in and the other lady makes at that moment a breakthrough or dodge and shoots.
  • The one who catches the ball puts out to the fans again.
  • She then goes to the post again to catch.
  • If the position is taken and it is not possible to shoot, the next passer comes in to pass.
  • After receiving the ball, she passes it out, etc.
  • We practice this first without an opponent and then with an opponent.

Score 100 goals by 3.

  • Pass balls.
    • 10 overhead.
    • 10 with the left.
    • 10 with the right.
    • 10 underhand.
  • 25 penalty shots.
  • 15 dodge balls. (max 2 shots in a row, both left and right evasive).
  • 20 distance shots from a small movement. (max 2x in a row shooting)

We use the volleyball court as a space with running lines.

  • Sprint from the back line to the 3 meter line of the back box.
  • Sprint back to the first 3 meter line.
  • Sprint to the back line on the other side.
  • Sprint from the back line to the 3 meter line of the back box.
  • Sprint back to the first 3 meter line.
  • Sprint to the first starting spot.

We do this 3 times



  • Attack:
    • Within the allotted time, choose a correct position for penalty throw or free throw.
  • Defense:
    • Position yourself properly in front of your attacker for penalty throw or free throw within the set time.


  • Leader calls if a free throw or a penalty throw is given and who will take it.
  • Attackers and defenders line up within the time limit.
  • Mistakes will be discussed positively.
  • For higher teams, only place a pawn in front of the penalty spot.