Korfball drills for all skills

  • Make two teams and make sure there are two thick mats.
  • The goal is to push the thick mat with your team to the other side. 
  • After each push you have to go back to the starting line. 
  • The smartest thing to do is to make a run with your whole team at the same time and push against the mat.
  • 1 shooter stands in front of the post, distance is indicated by the trainer
  • At least 1 receiver, but it works better with 2 or more receivers
  • 2 balls per post, as soon as the shooter has shot a ball the 2nd ball will be passed to the shooter.
  • Shooter gets X minutes to score as many goals as possible
  • Goal is to keep shooting fast, but also to keep shooting well
  • Can be done several times and try to improve the number of goals each time

  • divide the group into groups of 5 (it's also possible to have a different number, but adjust if necessary).
  • make a box, for example 8/8 or 10/10 or 12/12. 
  • Of each group of 5, 1 person is a catcher, the others are the field players (if you have more than one group, you can put the catcher(s) of one group into the other group).
  • The catcher tags 1 or 1½ minute and you count how many tags have been made (one player can't loose and stays in the game).

  • The catchers that start tagging (recognizable because of the jacket / ribbon) and 
  • distribute the other remaining children per group in the box with a ball. They pass over the ball and walk free.
  • The catchers try to tag someone who doesn't have the ball, so someone who has the ball is not allowed to be tagged.
  • The player approached by the catcher must get the ball as quickly as possible.
  • Divide the group into two teams.
  • 2 children of both teams will stand on the mats that belong to their team.
  • There will also be 2 children per team in front of the box, these are the goalkeepers.
  • The remaining children go to the throwing area (see drawing).
  • When the balls enter the game, the children from the throwing box are supposed to throw the balls against the box.


  • 1 attacker
  • 1 defender 
  • 1 passer
  • the duel lasts 1 minute (good for endurance!)
  • In any case, the defender won't let a ball through, the shot will be allowed.
  • A little pressure on the shot is necessary.

Exercises are performed 1x

5 pilons in 2- 4 meter rows.

  • Jogging (2x)
  • Heels/Butt 
  • Knee Lifting
  • Hopping pass with double arm swing
  • Cross pass (faces to each other)
  • Cross pass (backs to each other)
  • Connecting pass (faces to each other)
  • Connecting pass (backs to each other)
  • Twist hips outward (At each pilon)
  • Twist hips inward (At each pilon)
  • Knee movement (alternating left and right)
  • Kick movement (left and right at each pilon)
  • Walk with alternating cross-directions (do not sprint)
  • Forward connection pass (move diagonally) 
  • Rear connection pass (move diagonally)
  • 2 pilons forward 1 pilon backward 
  • 75%-80% sprint to pilon 2
  • 75%-80% print up to pilon 3
  • Knee lunges moving forward (from pilon 1 to 4)
  • Knee lunges with jump on the spot (3x per side and then sprint to pilon 4) (2x)

After these exercises the shooting will continue.

  • You make a box, with an attacker in it, 
  • the attacker must keep moving in the box, while a defender is following. 
  • The other player is standing outside the box. 
  • The attacker starts with the ball in his/her hands and throws it to someone on the side and the person on the side throws it back to the attacker and then throws it back to someone else standing on the side. 
  • The defender tries to take the ball. 
  • When the defender takes the ball, he throws it back you will try again
  • The attacker always tries to run free and the defender tries to intercept the ball
  • make 2 groups 
  • the attack takes the ball from the trainers.
  • When the defence has intercepted the ball, they  return it to the trainers. 
  • When they have scored, the team gets a bonus and is allowed to take the ball back.
  • 1 of the young trainers can act as referee to gain experience

2 children stand near a post. 1 attacker and 1 defender.

  • The attacker may move around the post, towards the post and away from the post.
  • The defender always stays with his back to the post and follows the defender.
  • At a given moment, the attacker is given the ball by the trainer. The defender must then move directly towards the attacker and raise his hands.