Korfball drills for attack / score

  • Set up 3 posts in a triangle at the edge of the field, under each post a person who supplies the ball without it.
  • At a good distance from the post you place a pawn and the rest of the players with the ball are placed near the pawn.
  • You throw the ball to the middle basket and make a run through on this post.
  • The person who throws in catches the ball.
  • The catcher throws the ball after 1 of the 2 korfballs (free basket) and also takes a run through here.

To be adapted by:

  • 1st post pass
  • 2nd pole in/out shot

  • 1st post short chance passer
  • 2nd pole wide run shot


In short: nice shooting exercise with a lot of running.

Organisation: the baskets are placed in a circle. At each basket stands a server with a ball. The rest of the players stand in the middle of the circle (the middle must be clearly recognisable).

In the hall there is often a circle, on the field a pylon must be placed.
The number of baskets is very precise: aim for 2 baskets per 5 players.

a )

  • The players in the centre circle are instructed to hit one of the baskets with a walkthrough, it doesn't matter which one.
  • Since there are slightly more players in the circle than there are free baskets, it is important to find a free basket quickly.
  • When you are not quick enough, you have to wait a bit.
  • And when Johnny is already on his way to a basket, but is passed at the last moment by Marietje, who is running faster, Johnny has to go back to the centre circle and try again from there.
  • Everyone catches his own ball.
  • After the signal everyone runs through the centre circle or around the pylon to find a free basket again as soon as possible.

b ) As a., but now with the assignment: Who will score 10 goals first?
Even the players who first thought: 'Never mind, he runs faster than me' will now try to be the first to get to the free basket. Make sure that the players do not 'cut off' by not going through the centre circle or around the pylon.

c ) Like b., but with the assignment: 'Who will be first to score a goal at each basket?

d ) Same as b., but with overhead walkthroughs.

e ) As b., but a 'take-over' situation follows: the runner from the centre circle, after having received the ball, plays the ball back to the declarer who started away from the post. The original declarer must try to score from this start. Who scores 5 goals first?

f ) As b., but the runner takes balls out of the way (left or right, distances not too great). The declarer also catches the shot. The runner runs to the basket and gets the ball from the catcher, who will rush to the centre to try again, because: who scores 5 goals first?


We are going to set up a normal attack, but explain well how they should run now. Not behind and not between

The whole group is divided into two groups.
Both groups start opposite each other behind a row of cones.

The group with the ball must try to get the ball to the other side, without the ball being stolen by the opponent.

If the ball is stolen, the group with the ball must try to get to the other side without the ball being stolen.

  • All 4 corners are occupied, ball starts left.
  • Turn around once, when ball is back with 1st player, player 3 goes for support.
  • Ball goes inside, player 4 resolves (rebound).
  • Player 1 crosses with player 2 and player 1 makes a shot.
  • Player 2 stays in motion and takes a short chance, after which player 1 finishes with a through ball.

It is important that the rebound does not take too long, that the crossing is tight and the passing is good.

2 men and 2 women per pole.
Under the post, one is the defending side and one is the attacking side.

  • The offensive side takes the catching position, the defensive side tries to rebound.
  • The two people in front take turns shooting.
  • The rebounders change positions every shot.
  • Whoever gets 3 rebounds first gets a point.
  • Then switch roles (shooters<>rebounders).

Who gets 5 points first?

  • 1 forward under the post,
  • 1 attacker and
  • 1 defender in front of the post.
    • Attacker starts 5-6 m from the post,
    • attacker gets 3 goal attempts to score a goal.
    • If he fails to do so, he stays put and gets another defender.
    • This is rotated until the attacker scores.
  • Player A throws the ball deep and player 2 scores a pass
  • It depends on how they participate, but they have to make 7 and they have a period of 10 minutes for this.
  • If they don't make 7 in the 10 minutes, we will run for 7 minutes.
  • Player A throws the ball deep and
  • player 2 scores a pass