Korfball drills for attack / score

  • groups of 3 at a post. 
  • 1 fixed passer. 
  • 2 shooters. 
  • These keep moving at about 5 - 6 meters from the post. 
  • Trying a shot must always be tuned to capturing it again. 
  • The time between capture and goal attempt must always be as short as possible. 
  • There are always 2 different types of goal attempts and the goalkeepers always take the same type of goal attempt.
  • 1 through-ballplayer and 1 defector. (change at 5 scores pp)
  • 1 defector and 1 chance behind post (change at 5 scores)

  • 2 players at a distance from the post with ball. 
  • 1 player below the post.
  • Trainer calls head shoulders knee head etc. 
  • Only when the ball is in the post, the player with the fastest ball is allowed to take a through ball. 
  • The other player tries to defend.
  • At 3 goals the winner may decide whether to give or continue.
  • 2 shooters and a rebounder with a defender. 
  • The 2 shooters play over. 
  • The rebounder keeps moving in such a way that it keeps the attention of the defender. 
  • When he has attention he can run to the post to catch the shot that takes place. 
  • Switching at a goal. 
  • Defender may not run with back to rebounder...
  • Approximately 45 seconds of shooting with a defender. 
  • The defender allows the shot. 
  • The defender talks to the attacker all the time and mentions 4 numbers. 
  • The attacker tries to score as many goals as possible while remembering the numbers. 
  • Every good number is a point and so is every goal. 
  • Who can score the most points...
  • 2 players per post
  • a pilon at 6/7 meters with a ball on it.
  • Place bottlecaps at the left and right of the post, diagonally to the front.
  • The shooter stands with his back to the post and in front of the pilon.
  • the one under the post calls left or right, the shooter takes the ball and turns as fast as possible towards the right side and shoots.
  • 1 post, 1 ball, 4 hats in a square and 9 players
  • The 4 attackers stand in a square (near the hats) around the post, 
  • the 4 defenders are holding the post with one hand. 
  • The 9th person (the declarer) stands with the ball outside the square of hats. 
  • The declarer brings the ball to one of the attackers, the defender facing the attacker who receives the ball has to run for the hat while the attackers now have to score as fast as possible. 
  • If all goes well, the attackers quickly find the free person because one of the defenders has to run around the hat.


  • 1 shooter in front of the post. 1 passer. 
  • Possibly with slight defensive pressure. 
  • Attacker moves left/right, gets the ball played and shoots (+-5 meters). 
  • When he scores, he earns a point and shoots through, if he misses he must first run to a line behind him at about 5 metres from the place of shooting. 
  • After this you can continue shooting. 
  • Switch goals every 3/4 of the time. 
  • Total 8/9 goals per post. (It depends on whether you play with or without a defender).
  • 4 vs 4 
  • Men come into a supportive position to let the ladies score.
    • Option 1: Positions under the post are filled by 1 lady and 1 man.
    • Option 2: Positions under the post would be filled by 2 men.
  • Ladies would come out side by side, one for breakthrough and the other shoots.
  • Mission of the defense is to play 1:1 pressure.
  • 1 person under the pole.
  • 2 persons in front of the post, attacker/defender.
  • Ball is played out on the attacker who moves sideways.
  • He receives the ball on the outer hand.
  • The defender steps over and then the attacker takes the ball over and plays in.
  • The attacker dodges and does the same again with the other hand.
  • The attacker then dodges again and tries to shoot.
  • The defender runs along but allows the pass and the shot to happen. 
  • Later on, the defender can choose whether to allow the pass or the shot.
  • It is then up to the attacker to time well.
  • Take care that players do not run into each other.
  • This applies especially to younger teams.