Korfball drills for attack / score

  • Work in groups of 3
  • Players throw the ball at each other
  • Player A throws to player B. 
  • And player A runs deep
  • Player A shoots the ball into the post
    • Make sure you run straight to the post. 
    • Don't stop running too early and the pass should be good.
  • You can extend the exercise further by passing the ball back to player B who takes a through-ball instead of taking a shot 

! Make groups of 3 and let the players divide themselves in person 1, 2 and 3. After two rounds, change one person.

  • Form groups of 3 at the post. 
  • Person 1 stands 6 meters in front of the post at the pilon, 
  • person 2 will stand 6 meters behind the post at the pilon. 
  • Person 3 stands under the post as a receiver. 
  • Person 1 starts with e.g. taking a though-ball, then goes back to the pilon. 
  • Person 2 takes a through-ball, as person 3 has caught the ball. This is how you perform all the exercises.


  • Through-ball 
  • Dodge ball right 
  • Dodge ball left 
  • Turnaround-ball past the post

Groups of 3 change 1 by 1

Groups of 4 change 2 by 2

  • Taking through-balls. 
  • Passingis well ahead. 
  • One time the passer does nothing. 
  • The other time it tries to block.

    Attention: The penalty taker stays calm and remembers to fully extend...

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