Korfball drills for attack / score

  • The ball starts under the basket and is thrown to the child in front of the basket.
  • The child under the basket then runs after the ball to defend.
  • It is important that the attacker is central. With too much defensive pressure, the attacker cannot practice.

  • Keep moving and make sure the pass comes from the space.
  • There is always room for a break-through or a shot.
  • The third player takes care of the catch and plays the ball again.
  • Make sure you are always on the move and keep space for your teammates
  • There is always one of the 4 (diagonal to the ball) who sinks to the post to be able to catch a shot
  • Try to get each other in a shooting position at a maximum of 6 metres, or indicate from the space that you want to break through because the opponent is biting.
  • In the 1:1 you try to score 2x in 1 minute.
  • The defender makes choices which ball she defends.
  • The attacker and the passer play this out together.
  • attack, defend and pass each 3x 1 minute.
  • 4 defenders stand at the post and look at their opponent who stands at a hat. (Hats in the corners of the box)
  • From the centre line, the ball is placed in a corner.
  • The foursome in the corners try to score as quickly as possible and use the (temporary) overtal situation.
  • The defender of the player who gets the ball makes a circle from the basket before he may defend.
  • The three other defenders try to prevent scoring.
  • Be careful not to infringe, as there is always a lady free. (This exercise is about insight and overview).
  • Variant on shot movement triangle
    • Instead of a shot
    • Start rebounding away for a short chance
    • Front player remains in play-off position
    • Indicates position of rebound (1/5)
  • Variant 2:
    • Frontline player runs one back (space)
    • Ball diagonal and throwing player comes next to it
  • Make a circle at the level of your head on the wall (with sidewalk chalk)
  • Make the circle about the same size as a basket.
  • Now stand 3 or 4 meters away from the circle.
  • Now throw the ball with your left against the wall and catch it with your right hand.
  • Do this for one minute.
  • The ball must not bounce on the ground.
  • If it is too easy, stand further away or try to throw the ball faster. If the exercise is too difficult, try to catch the ball with two hands, but still throw with one hand
    • Or stand a little closer to the wall. (Outdoors exercise)
  • You have two attackers on the side in the middle between two baskets.
  • The attacker must try to score with the help of the two players.
  • At an interception, the defender becomes the attacker.
  • When a goal is scored, the attacker gets a bonus and is allowed to keep attacking, only now he has to attack the other basket.
  • When three goals have been scored, the winning attacker is rested and exchanged with a declarer.

In short: practicing various shooting variants in a fun competition form.

  • Organization: per group a basket and a ball, the baskets are preferably (but not necessary) arranged in a circle or rectangle.
  • The number of persons per group is less important (but all groups are about the same size).
  • The first assignment for the groups is: score 10 goals.
  • When you have completed this assignment, the person who scored the last goal runs to the trainer to pick up the next assignment.
  • Which group completed all assignments first?
  • The trainer walks around, encouraging, or correcting.
  • He has a piece of paper with him with a row of assignments on it.
  • When someone comes to pick up the next assignment, first ask which one has just been done (this can vary considerably over time) and then hand out the next assignment.
  • An example list: 10 walk-through balls, 15 penalty shots, 5 8-meter shots, 10 walk-through balls from behind the basket, 5 dodge balls next to the pole, 10 6-meter shots.
  • Everything is possible of course, a lot of momentum is gained if the number of goals to be scored is kept small.
  • 10 walk-through balls
  • 20 small oppertunities
  • 6 remote shots
  • 10 penalty throws
  • 1 backwards