Korfball drills for attack / score

  • Pairs together on 1 basket.
  • One person in front of the basket at 2,5 to 3 metres, one player in front of the basket at 6 metres.
  • Pairs at a basket, the starting position is diagonal.
  • The player in front has the ball.
  • The player behind the basket has a pylon.
  • 4 poles in a square.
  • 2 against 2 on 2 poles (which are directly opposite each other).
  • We do a regular 1 against 1 duel of 80 seconds,
    • with 40 seconds under light pressure (so the attacker doesn't have to change much speed)
    • and 40 seconds under full pressure.
  • The defender will sometimes deliberately make a defensive mistake in the first 40 seconds:
  • he gives the attacker some space for the shot. The attacker has to take advantage of this by passing the ball in time.
  • After 40 seconds you blow your whistle and the attack will start under full pressure.
  • The attackers are going to dodge, the attacker is going to try to dodge twice, after the second dodge a walkthrough is made or the ball is passed to the other attacker for a shot.
  • The defender will give a little pressure on the declarer by threatening to jump ahead.
  • The attacker has to make himself wide to prevent this.
  • Boxes together near a basket, 1 attacker, two players with the ball in front of the basket at 7 metres, one player defending the players in front of the basket.
  • The players in front of the basket make a dodging move (using a lot of acceleration of course!) and the defender follows the player.
  • The dodging player tries to pass the defender with the ball. The defender is only trying to defend the ball, not the pass! Does the player with the ball pass the defender? After 1 minute the defender changes.
  • normal line-up, a gentleman under the basket and a lady behind it.
  • The ball is taken out in front and thrown to the side.
  • The lady behind the basket cuts over the gentleman in front.
  • The gentleman in the lead takes the lead.
  • The lady is played, turns her head and the SCO ball is played!
  • If it doesn't work out, the declarer with the ball shifts the play to the front.
  • a section near a basket.
  • The ladies or the men start under the basket, the other pair stand at about 7 metres.
  • Mark this with a pylon.
  • Four against four on 1 basket, setting out a field the size of a box!
  • When the ball is intercepted, the intercepting team takes the ball out from the middle.
  • The ball does not have to be passed to the trainer.
  • This gives the trainer all the space he needs to coach and to blow the whistle!