Korfball drills for attack / score

  • Ball 1 (with or without defenders)
  • Player A passes to B and keeps moving in front.
  • B passes to C and starts rebounding.
  • C passes to D and keeps moving in the back.
  • D passes to A and both stay in front at a good distance from the basket until player C runs in the support.
  • Player A passes to C.
  • C waits in the support position for just under a second.
  • Player B pulls away from the rebound position.
  • Player C passes to B and turns on her axis to immediately fold in.
  • B passes directly back to C for the through ball.
  • When C misses, it is C's task to rebound immediately and adjust the free running player B for a possible 2nd chance. (short chance).
  • Every 3 players at the basket, 2 attackers and 1 defender:
    • The goal is to get 2 free.
  • Exercise is finished when:
    • There is scored, the defender has the ball, if the ball collides.
  • Always turn in the order A - A - V.
  • If it is a 4-player game, the defender gets a rest turn before entering as attacker.
  • Work with 3 attackers against 2 defenders on 2 poles:
    • Attackers may try to score on the two posts (end when a goal is scored, when one of the defenders can intercept the ball)
    • Attackers get max 4 passes per chance taken (end when a goal is scored, when one of the defenders can intercept the ball, or when more passes are needed)
    • You may only take 1 chance per basket (ends when a goal is scored, when one of the defenders can intercept the ball, when more passes are needed, at 2 misses)
    • Player who misses may not attack again if the ball remains in play, so the attackers' overtime is gone.
  • Play 4:4, after interception the ball comes to the centre line, after which the attack starts again.
  • Attack 3 times and then switch functions.
  • The assignment is to play as wide as possible and catch from space.
  • Think about the trained exercises.
  • We play 4:4 with a catch under the post until the first shot is made.
  • After that the catch comes from the space.
  • The receiver stands, with regard to the shooter, at the side of the post. (So pass from the space).
  • In this exercise, you all have a function.
  • The one who has the ball is either the passer or the shooter.
  • If you are the passer, then another one comes for the shot.
  • The third is for catching.
  • So you always fill in one of those positions.
  • The other three take penalty shots

This is an isolated drill to practice dynamic rebounding.

  • Players have to estimate from the movement where the ball will end up and grab it as fast as possible.
  • The ball starts under the basket and is thrown to the player in front of the post.
  • He shoots.
  • The player in front of the post runs to the cap and back and tries to catch the ball within 1 bounce.
  • When the rebounder has succeeded in catching the ball after at most one bounce, he can shoot again.
  • Move the cap further away.
  • Challenge players to catch the ball without a bounce.
  • You will do this task in pairs.
  • Use a basket for each pair.
  • Put 4 hats around the basket in a square about 1.5 meters from the basket. (the basket is in the middle)
  • Stand in between the 2 hats in front of the basket.
  • Shoot to score.
  • The person under the basket names a colour and you tap on that colour.
  • Go back between the 2 hats in front of the basket.
  • If you have scored, you don't have to run to a colour.
  • Do this until someone has scored 5.
  • Players learn not to throw a ball to the passer and then wait for the ball to be caught, but to run after it immediately.
  • The ball is thrown to the basket.
  • Immediately after throwing the ball, run after it to the basket.
  • Goal is to be past the line before the ball is caught.
  • Then get the ball back and shoot.
  • The line makes the assignment concrete.
  • Depending on the team, this may or may not be necessary.
  • Variation 1:
    • The ball starts under the basket, is outplayed and immediately thrown back.
  • Variation 2:
    • Working with an opponent.
    • This opponent does not run with the ball to the basket (because that would not work in an exercise where the breakthrough is the only option), but does ensure that the attacker has to run around something.
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