Korfball drills for condition / strength


Initial setup

  • Two groups at the two first pilons.


  • The first in line runs to the hoop and goes through the bottom, so the hoop goes over their head, through the hoop. 
  • Then he goes through the defensive position to the second pilon and spins 4 times around it.
  • Finally, he runs to the third pilon and scores before he can run back to the first pilon and tap the next one in the row.
  • Defensive posture:
  • Back out and through the knees with your arm up. 

Distance setup:

  • Hoop at pilon 1: 5 meters.
  • Pilon 2 from the hoop: 5 meters. 
  • Pilon 3 and pilon 2: 5 meters.
  • Pawl 3 and pilon 3: 4 meters.

  • At pilon 1 
    • 1 time up and down, sideways with small steps between the pilons. 
    • RUN TOWARDS POST 1 for a through-ball.
  • At pilon 2
    • 5 sit-ups. 
    • RUN TOWARDS POST 2 for a dodge ball (minimum 5 meters).
  • At pilon 3
    • again 1 time up and down between the pilons with small steps
    • RUN TOWARDS POST 3 tap the post and take a short chance.
  • If you have 5 points, you can change, only the shot counts for 2. (From post 3 to pilon 1 an interval for seniors with running  at slow pace and sprinting.)

  • 3 minute rounds at 50%, 
  • 2 min at 70% and
  •  last minute at 100%

Warming up.

* Start dribbling from the middle line.

* Place pilons on the right and left and always call out the colour. They have to sprint to that colour.

* Alternate this with jumping, turning and going through the knees.

  • One rebounder, one defender and one attacker.
  • 30 sec attacks...if attacker can score, he becomes rebounder at the next post.
  • If not, he becomes the defender.
  • Rebounder becomes attacker all the time...
  • 2 x 2 benches on top of each other lengthwise, 15 hoops small, 2 benches in a row
  • Hopping over high benches with hands on the bench
  • Jumping across low benches
  • Jumping into hoop with 2 legs --> hoops further and further apart
  • The group is on one side behind hoops.
  • When the signal is given, the children steal objects on the other side one by one and put them in the hoops on their own side.
  • If they are caught by a tagger, they have to put the object back.
  • Someone will be assigned to try and tag the others.
  • The game is played all over the field.
  • The group is on one side of the field.
  • When the signal is given, the children cross the field.
  • One child tries to tag as many children crossing as possible.
  • Variation
  • The children walk back and forth when the signal is given.
  • Or back and forth without waiting for a signal.
  • The children are not free on the other side.
  • With two children trying to tag.
  • With boxes with one child trying to tag the others in each box.
  • The children can be tagged in each box.
  • Who was not tagged on the way back and forth?
  • Or which group has tagged the most children?

  • Make pairs with a ball. 
  • Keep the hands up with the ball positioned between the hands of the two people, 
  • Ball is clamped by the two of them. 
  • The pair puts tension on their calves.
  • The knee is held high, the calf of the other leg remains under tension, switch knees and keep switching. 
  • Until the trainer says that you can start a sprint. 
  • The players turn around and sprint to the end of the field.

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