Korfball drills for condition / strength

  • groups of 2,
  • You get an assignment,
  • First to finish, do 2x the condition assignment,
  • 2nd ready 4x,
  • last one done 8 times,
  • like push-ups, planking.
  • Two teams,
  • 4 poles,
  • each with their own post
  • and you're gonna be two to one with the others.
  • 2s,
  • 8 hits,
  • miss twice, sprint to the middle and keep going until you make eight,
  • then the other one
  • Game over 2 baskets. Play continues until first pair has 3 goals.
  • All other pairs stop immediately.
  • In case of a tie, the first team to score a tie wins.
  • At 0-0 stop.
  • Winners to the left losers to the right.
  • One person shoots
  • the rest run in circles.
  • Don't stop until you've scored twice,
  • then change.
  • 2 feet straight ahead in the boxes 3x
  • 2 compartments forward and 1 back 3x
  • 2 feet backwards in the compartments 3x
  • 1 foot per compartment and finish with sprint of 5 meter 4x
  • Players in two rows.
  • Taking turns, a player goes to the pilon, lifting his knees, hopping, heels, buttocks, at the pilon, the trainer indicates the direction of the walk.
  • At the pilon the trainer indicates the direction of running: either towards the left pilon, or the right one. Sprint to the left or right pilon.
  • When the first player reaches the trainer, the next player can run.
  • Around the pillars, back to the other row.
  • Set out a course for relay where the children have to pass the ball on, so with
    • pawns,
    • running ladders,
    • benches
    • etc.
  • One person runs the course with the ball and then passes the ball to the next person.
  • 2 or 3 teams means 2x the course.
  • Put all the poles in a row with a hat in front at 10 metres (whatever is suitable for the children).
  • The children start at the hat and touch the ground and jump up (stretching all the way) 5 times.
  • Then they make per pole (per pair) 5 balls.
  • So for every through ball they have to jump 5 times and then make a through ball.
  • When they are done with that, they do 5 jumping jacks and make 5 dodges.
  • Then finally they have to hit 5 penalty shots per person.
  • You can add your own exercises to make the relay longer or more difficult.
  • As the trainer, walk around and encourage the children.
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