Korfball drills for condition / strength


  • List:
    • 5 passed balls,
    • 10 penalty shots,
    • 5 shots from 4 meters,
    • 15 walk-throughs from behind the basket,
    • 5 shots from 3 meters behind the basket.
  • Push-ups :
    • 5x men's version
  • Plank : 20 sec.
    • note: no sagging in the hips, straight line, elbows under the shoulders
  • Super man 10x
    • note: do not twist in the hips, straight line, hands under the shoulders, balance
  • Seal 8x
    • note: keep arms and legs just above the ground
  • sprint 2 laps

  • you have three kids per post.
    • 1 is the attacker,
    • 1 is the defender and
    • 1 is the attacker, 1 is the defender and 1 is the attacker/catcher.
  • the attacker must try to score and the defender must prevent this.
  • Change when the attacker has scored
  • In the middle you put balls
  • The players stand by their basket
  • At the whistle they run in and try to get a ball
  • When you have a ball you may attempt a shot (penalty throw - distance) and
  • If you score, you get a point,
  • At every new round one ball less in the middle.
  • The players who do not have the ball keep running.
  • up to 5 points per person

  • Have the players shoot ten times and count the number of goals they score
  • Then make them sprint ten times for ten metres.
  • Then they have to shoot ten more times and count the number of goals they score.
  • Make a square of pawns next to the baskets you have placed.
  • All players gather in that square.
  • Balls at the 2 baskets closest to the square. 2 tickers.
  • As soon as you are tagged, you leave the square and the players can score freely on the baskets.
  • Scored? Then the player can return.
  • Change quickly of tickers.
  • Make 2 teams of 4 players.
  • Hats!
  • Gather between the 4 baskets.
  • The attacking team gets the ball and can choose which basket to attack.
  • This is to encourage them to look for free space.
  • The other team follows, intercepts the ball?
  • Then they choose. Do this the first 5 minutes.
  • Then another variant.
  • Divide all players over 4 teams. Each team gets its own basket and must defend it.
  • If one team has the ball, they choose where to attack.
  • 1 declarer throws the ball to the person in front of the basket then he takes a shot if the ball is caught under the basket he then goes inside and takes a through ball finally he then takes a short chance.
  • Point count:
    • Shot counts 2x
    • Walkthrough counts 1x
    • Short chance counts 1x
  • 5min long and then look per basket who has the most points = 2 times
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