Korfball drills for defense

  • Group of 3 by a post
  • 1 defender, 1 passer and 1 attacker
  • the attacker must score as much as possible in 30 seconds 
  • the defender must ensure that this happens as little as possible
  • Ball in the front of the box. 
  • Other attacker at the back of the box. 
  • The one in the back of the box should try to get into the front of the support. 
  • Defender must prevent that

  • 3 attackers against 2 defenders.
  • Attack within a radius of about five meters around the post. 
  • All attackers are allowed to shoot.
  • The defenders must try to score as few goals as possible.
  • 5 x 1 minute. Skip position after each minute. 
  • If the number is correct, you can train specific zone defense at this exercise: Zone defensing.
  • The defenders let go of their opponents as soon as they get further than six meters from the pole.
  • The defender then has only one task: intercepting the ball by picking up the rebound.
  • This includes voluntarily letting go of distance through the attack.
  • After all, if the ball is not shot, it cannot be caught.
  • We play 3:3 or 4:4 around the post without any shot or breakthrough 
  • Defender only focused on his own opponent.
  • You do position yourself in such a way that you can always see the ball but cannot pass the defender over the back side
  • The exercise is for the defender to be further away from the defenders if the ball is also far away from the attacker. If the attacker has the ball, the defender makes sure it is connected
  • Per group: a post and a ball, the posts are preferably (but not absolutely necessary) arranged in a circle or rectangle. 
  • The number of persons per group is less important (but all groups are about the same size).
  • The first task for the groups is to score 10 goals with a through-ball. 
  • When you have finished with that, the person who scored the last goal runs to the trainer to get the next task. Which group performed all the tasks first?
  • The trainer has a piece of paper with tasks on him.
  • When someone comes to get the next task, first ask which task has just been completed (this can vary considerably over time) and then give the next task.
  • List:
    • 5 through-balls, 
    • 5 penalty throws, 
    • Five 3-meter shots, 
    • 5 shots from 3 meters behind the post.

Create a box with an attacker inside.

  • The attacker has to keep moving in the box while a defender is running.
  • Someone always plays the ball.
  • The defender looks at the ball and tries to catch it
  • Every time the attacker catches the ball, someone enters the box.
  • When the defender picks up the ball, he throws it back and tries again
  • 4 versus 4 
  • Men come into a supportive position to let the men score.
    • Option 1: Positions under the post are filled by 1 lady and 1 man.
    • Option 2: Positions under the post would be filled by 2 ladies.
    • Option 3: Play in 3:1 ratio
  • Ladies would play side by side, one for the breakthrough and the other for the shot.
  • One rebounder, one defender and one attacker.
  • 30 sec attacks...if attacker can score, he becomes rebounder at the next post.
  • If not, he becomes the defender.
  • Rebounder becomes attacker all the time...