Korfball drills for general


party with the whole group

catch-and-throw2 teams. Per pair 1 ball and 1 pawn. Player A stays on his spot. Player B starts with the pawn, which is about 10 meters away. Player B runs to player A. Player A throws (with 1 hand) the ball to player B. Player B keeps running until he has caught the ball and then stops. B throws the ball back and runs to the pawn to start the exercise again. after 10x change.

  • 1 post less than number of shooters. 
  • As long as music is playing, players run in circles. 
  • When the music stops, they can take goal attempts. 
  • On each post a maximum of 2 attempts may be made. 
  • As soon as this is done. The attackers put the ball on the ground. 
  • Who scores first....
    • through balls
    • feint
    • shots


Number one;

Scoring 5 through-balls 

Number 2;

1 lap around the whole field

Number 3;

scoring 10 short chances.

Number 4;

5 penalties.

Number 5:

4 goals from 5 meters  

For each group they have to do each exercise in a certain order and then they write that order down and come to the trainer. 

  • The trainer puts a circle in the right place if an exercise is in the correct order.
  • Put a cross through it if it is wrong.

Then the group continues with a different order and do the same as above

The groups will continue until they get the code right.

  • There is someone with a ball under the pole, someone in front of the pole at shooting distance and someone at about 1.5/2 m from the shooter with his face towards the pole. 
  • The shooter chooses one side and gets the ball. 
  • The defender is only allowed to turn around when the ball is loose and must therefore respond properly.The defender may not try to block the ball into the pass, but may try to block the shot. 
    • This can be done as an extension
  • To finish the training, play a game format of 4 to 4 on 1 post.
  • Make sure you build from 4-0, and go to the 3-1 with a large triangle. 
  • A quick scoring opportunity has to be created from the big triangle. 
  • If possible, create a scoring opportunity immediately after the rebound has been captured, if this doesn't work then rebuild from 4-0.

1 post 4 squares around it with pilons

  • Each square has 1 attacker and 2 or more defenders. 
  • Passing and scoring after a diagonal pass. 
  • Interception means substitution 

! Form groups of 2 persons per post 

Each group gets three playing cards. The cards are shuffled from the front and the numbers 2 to 5 are removed from the pack. With the three playing cards the groups have to get as close as possible to 31. The value of the numbers and pictures are shown below:

  • Six = six
  • Seven = seven
  • Eight = eight
  • Nine = nine
  • Ten = ten
  • Jack = ten
  • Queen = ten
  • King = ten
  • Ace = eleven 

So nine + jack + queen = 29 points or ace + jack + queen = 31, but you can also have jack + jack + jack = 30.5

Once players have completed a series, they may exchange one of their received cards for a new one, in order to get closer to 31. The trainer will set a timer and says when to stop. The team closest to 31 wins. 


1. through-balls: five goals in a row.

2. through-balls: 5 goals in a row from behind the post.

3. Play through-balls by going for the short chance, 3 times in a row.

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