Korfball drills for general

  • There are three players standing at a pole.
  • Player 1 starts with the ball and throws to 2, 3 runs first short and then long, then gets the ball from player 2 and shoots.
  • Player 1 catches and throws to player 2, player 2 throws to 3 and then player 1 runs the long line.
  • This is how the process repeats itself.


  • Instead of shooting, player 1 cuts in and throws number 3 in and comes for the through ball
  • Same as above, but then player 3 does not take a walkthrough ball but pulls player 1 away and takes a short chance
  • There are 3 posts placed in a triangle, pointing to the centre of the triangle.
  • The defenders try to prevent the attacker from scoring.
  • Do this until the attacker has scored twice or 1 minute has passed and then turn around.


  • Set out a course for relay where the children have to pass the ball on, so with
    • pawns,
    • running ladders,
    • benches
    • etc.
  • One person runs the course with the ball and then passes the ball to the next person.
  • 2 or 3 teams means 2x the course.
  • Pionnon at 2.5, 4 and 6 meter, first pawn hits 1 point, 3 and 5 points on the next one.
  • Shooter may choose where to shoot from. first 40 points
  • Passing balls from every pawn, always behind the post. Order of scoring 1-2-3-2-1
  • 1 pawn on the side, 3 meter next to the other 3. shoot from the move and hit the first 2 pawns, then change.

2 poles and 2 groups at each pole.

  • Place 9 hoops away from the basket.
  • The number 1 of each group shoots from 4 meters.
  • If he/she scores, he/she may place a hat in one of the hoops.
  • If he/she misses, it's the next group's turn.
  • This continues until one group has three in a row horizontally, diagonally or vertically.
  • Stand in a circle around a basket (4 children).
  • The child in front of the basket shoots the ball towards the basket,
  • the other three girls must try to catch the ball.
  • The child that catches the ball may then shoot.
  • After a while add an extra ball.
  • Goal: practise shooting and catching.
  • 4 near the basket. Play around. Cut with the ball.
  • make sure there is always someone at the back.
  • turn around to the back 7 score/make
  • Make a square of pawns next to the baskets you have placed.
  • All players gather in that square.
  • Balls at the 2 baskets closest to the square. 2 tickers.
  • As soon as you are tagged, you leave the square and the players can score freely on the baskets.
  • Scored? Then the player can return.
  • Change quickly of tickers.
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