Korfball drills for general

  • 4-4 games without assignments.
  • Per attack 4 balls.
  • Goal is bonus attack.
  • After 1 round the teams get together and discuss what went well and what didn't.
  • After 2 rounds swap.
  • Swap sides, face each other and shoot.
  • 1 declarer, 1 attacker (and a rebounder if 3-player):
  • Attacker runs laterally and gets the ball on the outside:
    • Turn the ball behind your body and play the rebounder who provides the new support. (in a 2-player team again the attacker).
    • Take a walk-through ball.
    • Start behind the basket for a chance.
  • Which basket scores first 15x.
  • Always work left + right laterally.
  • Attacker with ball under the basket, attacker in front of the basket:
  • Attacker starts wide:
    • Gets the ball on the outside, ball is turned around the body, and played in again for a DLB.
    • Without ball inside for deflection, then run in for DLB.
    • When you have the ball, turn it around the body and finish.
    • Attacker takes a shot, then starts in towards the backfield where the ball is played, ball around the body towards DLB. (pass behind the back)
  • Make up 2/3 teams and do the following assignments:
    • Pass balls
    • Dropping balls (short distance)
    • Penalty throw
    • Distance shots (minimum 6 meters)
  • Do all this for 2 minutes per person per task and write down the number of points you have scored.

  • We'll play 4:4.
  • The attackers play as wide as possible.
  • Look where the space is for the teammate.
  • Tight passing and always catch with 2 men.
  • We start with a static catch.
  • You will do this task in pairs.
  • Use a basket for each pair.
  • Put 4 hats around the basket in a square about 1.5 meters from the basket. (the basket is in the middle)
  • Stand in between the 2 hats in front of the basket.
  • Shoot to score.
  • The person under the basket names a colour and you tap on that colour.
  • Go back between the 2 hats in front of the basket.
  • If you have scored, you don't have to run to a colour.
  • Do this until someone has scored 5.
  • Make 2 rows of players.
  • Players walk towards each other and pass the ball.
  • Shorten the passing distance until the ball is hanging still in the air.
  • The passing is then more like a short tap.

  • Work in pairs. (unless there is no other way)
    • Shot from 4 meter from stand.
    • Shot from movement right 4/5 meter.
    • Shot from movement left 4/5 meter.
    • Short chance left at 3 meter.
    • Short chance right at 3 meter.
    • Penalty throw.
    • Walk-through ball.
    • Shot at 6 meter.
  • Working with 2 teams you let every player shoot for 2 minutes, after that you switch functions.
  • You are 4 minutes per round.
  • Note the scores on a list, so you can see if there is improvement later in the season.
  • Working with 3 teams, you work 1 minute per shot.
  • Divide the team in groups of 2, max 3
  • Each group starts on its own pole
  • Per pole you score X number of goals
  • Finished? Then move on to another pole (may be random, may be in order)
  • Finally score X number of goals on your own pole.
  • Who is the first to score on all the poles wins.
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