Korfball drills for general

  • At pawn 1 we're going to run back and forth.
  • At pawn 2 we're going to throw up.
  • At post 1 we're going to take shots.
  • And at post 2 we're going to score deep balls.
  • Each exercise for 2 minutes and then change.

The children take penalty throws and make 10 in 5 minutes with the whole group.
If this does not happen, there is a consequence!

  • 4 against 4 on 1 basket!
  • First 4 against 3 then change of section
  • Last 10 minutes
    • 4 against 4 and
    • 3 against 3

A pole with a hat behind it about 2 meters away.

  • There are two people standing near the hat,
    • an attacker and a defender.
  • Under the basket is a declarer and in front of the basket is a shooter.
  • The attacker has to make sure that he blocks the defender from the hat.
  • The archer keeps on shooting (indicated by the declarer) until the defender catches the ball, then the ball is exchanged.

  • 2 teams of 3 players.
  • One team throws to each other by running free.
  • Defenders try to intercept.
  • At 2,5 meter distance from the post stands a pawn.
  • From there the players make an underhand penalty throw.
  • First practice a few times and then see who scored 10 first.

Different exercises with the ball:

  • Throwing the ball up and catching it again,
  • Wrap the ball around your belly,
  • Throwing with 1 hand and catching with 2 hands,
  • Throwing from front to back or back to front.

After the game, have everyone take 2 penalty throws.


Play a game and pay attention to free running.

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