Korfball drills for passing / attack

  • 4 balls in a row, a pylon 10 metres in front of the basket, pairs with 1 ball per basket. 1 player in front of the basket with the ball near the pylon.
  • (Change every goal).
  • Boxes together, two players (men/ladies these are A(anvaller) and V(erdefender) in front of the picture) in the left corner in front of the basket.
  • One player left (left behind the basket) next to it and one player right (right behind the basket) next to it.
  • In the pair is an attacker and a defender.
  • The attacker has the ball, places it next to him (left or right) and takes the rebound.
  • The defender is going to make the rebound difficult but gives it away initially (this one defends in front).
  • The player who does not get the ball fills the place of the attacker/rebounder.
  • The two players in front of the basket take a shot after one or two doubles.
    Who will get the most rebounds out of the five shots?
  • 2 offenders react on shot/pass from 2 attackers from 3 meter in pole position

  • Take 10 through balls per person and score at least 8.
  • the attacker is only allowed to get free by a sideways movement in front of the basket, so no depth may be created!
  • It is not allowed to make a walk-through ball (that is a deep line
    )* Who will score the most goals?
  • After catching the ball, bring it to the 'midline' in min.
  • After catching the ball, make 4 throws to the 'midline' and use tactics for defense and disrupting the attack.
  • change after 3 successful actions

  • The players walk from under one basket to the next basket, changing their roles (shooter/forward) when they miss a walkthrough or a shot.
  • We will see who has scored the following goals first
    :* 10 walk-throughs * 6 dodge balls*
    8 walk-throughs * 4 dodge balls

Take 30 passed balls together to get warm

  • For the exercise: repeating how to throw and catch properly.
  • The emphasis is not on shooting.
  • 1 player stands in front of the basket
    • There is shooting.
    • There is a catcher behind the basket who tries to catch the ball as fast as possible.
    • caught?
      • throw fast and good to your team mates.
    • Variant: 2 persons at a basket (can also be more than 2 persons).
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