Korfball drills for passing / attack

  • player 1 and 2 stand opposite each other at about 3 meters.
  • player 3 stands about 3 meters next to player 2.
  • player 1 throws the ball with one hand to player 2.
  • Player 3 must try to get the ball out of the way.
  • Now it is important to throw well and on time otherwise player 3/defender can take the ball.
  • In front of the pole first move to the left get the ball (catch with left hand), throw back with left hand.
  • Move to the right (catch with right hand), throw back with right hand.
  • Again to the left and shoot. One player does this until he or she has scored 3 times and then change.
  • 2 players move between the 6 posts making a rectangle.
  • When a yes is said, one of the two players who does not have the ball runs to the post, the player with the ball throws the ball and runs after it to make a pass.
  • When no yes is said the players pass to each other with the outside hand and are on the move.
  • At pawn 1
    • touch the groundTouch the ground, jump up and stretch all the way. We do this 5 times.
  • Pole 1
    • Then you take a dodge at pole 1.
    • RUN TO POLE 2.
  • Pole 2
    • 5 sit ups.
    • RUN TO POLE 2.
  • Pole 2
    • run through the pole 2.
  • Pole 3
    • 5 squads.
  • Pole 3
    • Score 1 small chance
    • We do this 3 times, then change under the pole
  • Game form 4 teams, 4 baskets, 4 balls.
  • Goal is to defend own basket and score on other baskets.
  • Counting, most goals on basket is loser.
  • Goal; moving, tempo change.

  • Let the players figure out themselves how to do this tactically; discuss and communicate about tactics.
  • Stop the game a couple of times to discuss and emphasize the long ball / passing.
  • Make a square with 4 attackers and 2 defenders.
  • When the defender touches the ball, he may swap with the attacker in question.
  • The goal is to learn to pass quickly and accurately.
  • 4-0 is the basis of every training.
  • After taking over the ball the players have to start from a starting position where space is important.
  • Possible to expand with pawns(4 squares around the basket) variant where kids can swap sections during free running(4-0).

3 attackers with 1 ball and 1 defender. In a small square, the attackers have to play around as often as possible. When the defender intercepts (or just touches the ball) the count starts over. The defender who has had the least number of passes within 1 minute wins.


per 2 or max 3 teams 1 basket

baskets in the middle of the hall

number 1 runs from the backline to halfway and gets the ball from number 2. Nr 1 sprints back to the backline. When the ball is thrown and caught properly, continue otherwise start again.

No. 1 sprints to the cone 2,5 meter before the basket, makes a penalty throw, sprints back to the backline.

When point is scored change function if not continue until point is scored.

Which team will have 6 points first?

Variant with dodge ball or walk through ball instead of penalty throw.

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