Korfball drills for passing / attack

  • At pawn 1
    • Tap the groundTouch the ground, jump up and stretch all the way. We do this ten times.
  • Pole 1
    • Take a dodge ball at pole 1.
    • RUN TO POLE 2.
  • Pole 2
    • Do the speed ladder (2 feet in each square, base)
    • RUN TO POLE 2.
  • Pole 2
    • Take a walkthrough ball at pole 2
    • RUN TO POLE 3
  • pole 3
    • Take a through ball at the post 2


4 children stand next to each other, about 5 meters apart.

1 child goes to work:
Receives the ball at the first cone, returns it to the player across, and runs on to the second cone and so on.

At the back cone he returns 100% sprint.

First all passes with left, then right, then 2 hands, then throw high in the air and throw back in the air.


rock-exercise-1In short:
A trio must pass the ball to each other in a square.

Always someone has to walk on the free cone. ATTENTION: there must always be 2 touch points.

The whole group is divided into two groups.
Both groups start opposite each other behind a row of cones.

The group with the ball must try to get the ball to the other side, without the ball being stolen by the opponent.

If the ball is stolen, the group with the ball must try to get to the other side without the ball being stolen.

4 pawns in square formation. 4 persons, at each pawn 1 person stands, 1 with ball. This person plays the ball counter clockwise, but runs clockwise to the next pawn. Continue like this. There is always a pawn without a lady, but the ball can rotate.

Poles in a circle around the centre spot, about 10 metres away (reasonable walking distance).
Under each pole, 1 person with ball.
Rest in the middle.

  • On a free post take a walkthrough ball.
  • Every 3 goals you change places at the basket.
  • After each walkthrough, return to the middle.
  • If necessary, vary with substitutions/short chances, etc.
  • At pawn 1
    • touch the groundtap the ground, jump up and stretch all the way. We do this ten times.
  • Pole 1
    • Then you take a dodge at pole 1.
    • RUN TO POLE 2.
  • Pole 2
    • 5 sit ups.
    • RUN TO POLE 2.
  • Pole 2
    • Take a run through at pole 2.
  • We do this 5 times
  • but each time change under the pole.
  • Two players facing each other at a distance of 4 meters.
  • Player 1 throws the ball, not too hard not too dear,
  • on the preferred hand of player 2
  • and player 2 tries to catch it with one hand.
  • Then player 2 does the same as player 1
  • and player 1 tries to catch with 1 hand as well.
  • 1 forward under the post,
  • 1 attacker and
  • 1 defender in front of the post.
    • Attacker starts 5-6 m from the post,
    • attacker gets 3 goal attempts to score a goal.
    • If he fails to do so, he stays put and gets another defender.
    • This is rotated until the attacker scores.
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