Korfball drills for running in shot

  • Pawn in front of and behind the basket.
  • One or more players in front of the basket, one under the basket and one behind the basket.
  • Players take through balls and walk around the pawn behind the basket before they pass.
  • Place the pawn at a distance that requires the player to sprint full speed to be in time to pass.
  • Do this for x minutes or x goals.
  • 4 players play around the post.
  • One player takes the rebound.
  • The other three keep a triangle around the post and keep playing around with the three of them.
  • The rebound player moves to the side where the ball is, gets the ball and shoots.
  • Variant
    • The rebound player steps out to the near post, receives the ball and passes to the far post.
    • Both can also be combined, with the rebound player opting to pull away and pass on the ball.
    • Other players must recognise their choice and make the right decision
  • 1 attacker throws the ball to the person in front of the basket.
  • When the ball is caught under the basket, the person in front of the basket goes in for a pass.

First without defender and if the level allows it, with defender.

  • Ladder exercise with run through ball
    • 1 foot in the ladder, 1 foot next to it, as fast as possible through the ladder and score 15 times
    • Sideways through the ladder with two feet in each compartment, 15 x scoring, easy pace
    • Start left of the ladder on left leg. Hop on right leg into the ladder and then next to it. Then with left leg into the ladder and next to it, then with right leg again and finish with a through ball. Do this quietly (strengthen ankle joint)
  • Ladder exercise without ball
    • With two feet in each rung, so small steps as fast as possible(5x per person)
    • Skating over the ladder from the left side outside the ladder to the right side outside the ladder.
    • 10 short sprints along the ladder with the ball. (as fast as possible)
  • Set up six baskets in two lines of three.
  • Under each basket, a fixed declarer.
  • The other players stand on the sideline across the first line of baskets.
  • The other players take a walk-through ball on the side of the first three baskets.
  • Followed by a ball in front of, behind and in front of the basket on the next baskets. (See diagram).
  • Then all players do the same round, reversed and back again, after which they exchange players and do another round back and forth.

  • Indicator stands next to the post.
  • Taker and defender at about 8 metres.
  • As soon as the player takes off, the defender follows and tries to defend.
  • The attacker passes the ball and the ball is passed to the defender.
  • Change function every time.
  • Score 20 times.
  • Player 1 in front of the basket runs 2 metres out and receives the ball
  • Player 2 runs out from under the basket
  • Player 1 plays the ball back to player 2
  • Player 1 takes the walkthrough ball
  • You need 2 baskets per 4 or 5 persons.
  • The poles are opposite each other.
  • There are fixed helpers with the ball.
  • You take the run-through on the post opposite the post where you started.
    • When you have made the run through, you start again from the pole where you just made the run through and continue to the other side.
  • Change after x goals or after so many minutes.
  • Then the passers take the runners and the takers pass to the other players.
    • Pay attention to the passing and the technique of the runthrough.
  • If necessary, put a cap or a pawn where the children should get the ball.

  • You need a 3 or 4 team to defend the run through.
  • One person under the basket with the ball and possibly also a catcher.
  • In front of the basket, an attacker and a defender, at about 5-6 meters from the basket (at far shot distance).
  • The person under the basket (attacker) has the ball.
  • The attacker runs sideways (right or left) and gets the ball from the person in charge.
  • The attacker throws the ball back to the attacker and goes in a straight line to the basket and makes a run through or in out shot (if the run through is too well defended).
  • The defender stays in the right place to prevent the run through.
  • Point of attention defense:
    • Stay close to the attacker
    • Keep your knees bent
    • Do not turn around when the ball is thrown
    • Do not run after your opponent