Korfball drills for running in shot


In short: practise passing the ball from difficult situations.

Organisation: three or four teams per basket, one or two people under the basket, two in front of it. After marking the ball, walk forward to make a fastball, i.e. turn around.

(a ) Bouncing balls, indicated by a bounce.

(b ) Signalling too late: take overhead walkthroughs.

(c ) Signalling too late: the runner runs (left or right) past the basket and raises the ball more or less sideways or diagonally backwards.

(d) Late tagging: the runner runs along the near post and flings the ball over the head into the basket with one hand.

(e ) Marking too late: the ball is taken in the jump.

f ) The ball is passed too early: a 'long pull' must be taken with a long moment of suspension in the movement.

g ) The ball is not thrown in but rolled (can also occur in matches when the ball is knocked out of hands, or after an unsuccessful bouncing ball for example).

h ) the ball is indicated from the side, after which a through ball follows

Divide the players among the baskets. Put 2 pawns about 7 meters in front of the basket and about 5 meters apart.

When 4 players per basket:

  • 1 attacker under the basket
  • 1 rebounder
  • Other player(s) at the top of the pawns.
  • Ball starts with the player(s) at the top

Player at the top of the pawn passes the ball to the declarer, walks towards the second pawn and receives the ball from the declarer in the run (and on the outside hand). Player makes a run through after changing hands (important that the player first points to the basket - shot threat - before playing the ball inside with the hand change). Rebounder catches the ball.

Passing on: player who took the pass becomes rebounder, rebounder becomes attacker and attacker goes up to make the pass.


per 2 or max 3 teams 1 basket

baskets in the middle of the hall

number 1 runs from the backline to halfway and gets the ball from number 2. Nr 1 sprints back to the backline. When the ball is thrown and caught properly, continue otherwise start again.

No. 1 sprints to the cone 2,5 meter before the basket, makes a penalty throw, sprints back to the backline.

When point is scored change function if not continue until point is scored.

Which team will have 6 points first?

Variant with dodge ball or walk through ball instead of penalty throw.

3 posts with baskets, 3 balls, 6 pawns. (at 5 pers. 2 poles 1 pole penalty throw practice at 8 points penalty throw won)

per basket 2 teams (1 catch 1 shoot).

First we explain what is important to pay attention to when making a walkthrough.

Pawns are placed from which distance the ball will be walked in.

The children make a pass ball in front of the basket and a pass ball behind the basket. If they both hit the ball, they earn a piping bag. Which team will have 4 bags first?

After that change the teams and function

Then the same but instead of through balls they play dodge balls.

six poles. Three of you at the pole.

One of the group runs laps. 1 side sprints at 100%, remaining 50%.
1 other group member will round off. 1 shot 2 meters, 1 shot three meters, 1 pass ball. Swap with the running player when finished. Call out when everyone has been.

Put a basket in front of each pair. Make sure they are lined up and that there is space on both sides for them to run through. Place a pawn at both sides at 8-9 metres.

  • One of you starts under the basket with the ball, the other near the pawn.
  • You run to the basket, get the ball and make a pass.
  • Then you run to the next pawn to make another pass ball.

Continue until someone has scored a certain number or work with a time limit.
When this is the case, the declarer and the taker switch.

The handler must of course make sure that he has caught the ball again in time to signal the next pass.

  • Form 3 teams at the basket
  • Person 1 stands 3 to 4 meters in front of the basket near the pawn.
  • Person 2 will stand 3 to 4 meters behind the basket near the pawn.
  • Person 3 stands under the basket as catcher

  • Person 1 starts shooting, person 3 catches the ball and throws it to person 2.
  • Person 2 shoots, person 1 catches and throws to person 3. Always change.

Exercises with distance shot, penalty throw and walkthrough.

You start shooting from a fine distance

  • Did you score? Place a pawn next to the post until you have used up all your pawns.
  • Then you can shoot as many balls as the number of pawns you have.
  • When you have scored, you must take a pawn and put it on the other side of the pole.
  • The amount of pawns that you have left, you can use for penalty throwing
  • The team that has the most cones left has won
  • 3 persons per basket.
  • The players take turns in catching and marking the ball.
  • The runners start at the pawn at about 15 metres. They calmly walk towards the basket and at about 2,5 meter distance they get the ball and pass it underhand.
  • The handler catches the ball, gives it to the next handler and walks to the cone.
  • When necessary they get tips and help.
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