Korfball drills for running in shot

  • Warming up on a large field with a lot of passing.
  • Round 1:
    • A passes to B who runs out and goes in for a walkthrough. (10 balls)
  • Round 2:
    • A passes to B who runs out, picks up for double and pulls away.
    • B passes to A who then flips inside with ball to player C for through ball. (10 balls)
  • Round 3:
    • Same as round 2:
    • But A doesn't take a through ball but passes to C for short chance. (10 short chances)
  • Round 4:
    • Ditto round 2:
    • But A doesn't fold in but shoots immediately (4 a 5m). (6 shots)
  • Round 5:
    • Ditto round 4:
    • A does clap inside for neighborhood movement (4 a 5m). (6 shots)
  • The poles are in the middle of the field.
  • The through balls are taken from the sideline and we run through to the other sideline.
  • Then back to the pole.
  • Each player runs for 2,5 minutes and gives the other time.
  • Posts are in the middle of the field.
  • The players walk from the sideline to the pole, take a walkthrough and walk to the other side of the field.
  • Each player runs 2 times 2,5 minutes back and forth.
  • They also pass the ball twice.
  • The handler stands 3 meters next to the post.
  • The handler passes the ball when asked to do so by putting his hands forward.
  • The taker catches the ball himself.
  • The handler becomes the shooter and the shooter becomes the handler. score 10 goals pp
  • Players learn not to throw a ball to the passer and then wait for the ball to be caught, but to run after it immediately.
  • The ball is thrown to the basket.
  • Immediately after throwing the ball, run after it to the basket.
  • Goal is to be past the line before the ball is caught.
  • Then get the ball back and shoot.
  • The line makes the assignment concrete.
  • Depending on the team, this may or may not be necessary.
  • Variation 1:
    • The ball starts under the basket, is outplayed and immediately thrown back.
  • Variation 2:
    • Working with an opponent.
    • This opponent does not run with the ball to the basket (because that would not work in an exercise where the breakthrough is the only option), but does ensure that the attacker has to run around something.

First pass without a defender.

  • Caution:
    • Straight line to the basket
    • Excellent
    • Flowing movement
    • Signaller on time

If that goes well, then:

  • Defender joins in, he allows everything.
  • Caution:
    • Attacker must walk in the path of the defender.
    • Walk in a straight line, not with a curve to the basket.
    • Stretching.

If that goes well, then:

  • The defender stays with the attacker, and now defends well.
  • Stand by:
    • The defender, what is his position? (Does he bend his knees a little, is he moving backwards, etc.)
    • The attacker must walk in the same lane as the defender.
    • Walk in a straight line, not with a curve to the basket.
    • Stretching.
  • 2 pawns/covers for the pole at about 8 meters.
  • The pawns are next to each other with about 2/3 meters between them.
  • The goal is to run back and forth between the pawns and to tap the pawns.
  • After x number of times the person who was between the pawns has to make a pass.

Step 1:

  • As a hunter duo, try to move yourself around the field, playing over and throwing off as many runners as possible within 1 minute.

Step 2:

  • Try to take the ball away from the hunters as quickly as possible, play over and score in the basket, but be careful not to get tapped by the hunters.
  • This is allowed when you have the ball in your hands.


  • Lay the hats down in a square with approx 5m between the hats.
  • Two players are the tappers, the rest move inside the square.
  • The two scapegoats are allowed to scapegoat the other players with the ball. The catchers are not allowed to walk with the ball.
  • By throwing over the ball the taggers can tap the other players.
  • If you are tagged or left outside the box, you are out and you can join again if you have scored a goal.
  • At step 1 the runners are not allowed to touch the ball of the hunters.


  • When players are out, they belong to the tag team instead of being out of the box.
  • This is only allowed after they have scored.
  • More or less players and therefore more or less balls.


3 or 4 at a pole.

  • Play around with each other. Someone takes the catch after a pass, this is player 1.
  • Player 2 is the one who just received the ball and is going to pass the deep line.
  • Player 3 moves towards player 2, is "front defended" and runs a deep line.
  • Player 2 passes a tight ball with a small arc to Player 3.
  • Player 3 takes a shot.
  • Player 1 catches, passes out to any team-mate and rejoins.


  • Instead of shooting, player 3 makes a shooting move.
  • Player 1 steps out from the rebound.
  • Player 3 passes to Player 1 and takes a walkthrough.

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