Korfball drills for shoot / score / shot

  • Two players stand 7 metres in front of the basket and 8 metres apart.
  • A player with the ball under the basket and a receiver slightly behind the basket.
  • A player in front of the basket takes the through ball indicated from space, after the other player in front of the basket has received the ball.
  • The ball is caught by the receiver.
    • A1 becomes A2,
    • A2 becomes A3,
    • A3 becomes A4 and
    • A4 becomes A1.

What can you see?

  • The handler learns that the shooter can only take a walkthrough ball if the throw is prepared calmly, thrown in front of the shooter and the ball is placed at the right height.
  • Walking pace and walking distance of the archer can be controlled by the throwing pace, ball path and ball pace.
  • Learning to control problems such as timing requires a lot of repetition and sometimes adjustment of the distances used.
  • The problems for the shooter, the starting position of the through ball is different because the body is turned to receive the ball, lead to unclean actions. Stay attentive to this.
  • The speed of action should be increased.


  • As exercise 12, but the declarer throws the ball to a shooter who swings out to a position diagonally behind the basket.
  • There is a ball through the middle where the declarer from the space in game situation must take into account two opponents, his direct opponent and the opponent of the shooter, after all he is not far from the ball line.


  • The shooter makes a feint and plays the ball through to the player under the basket who signals a through ball.
  • A defender behind the post, a declarator with the ball under the basket and a number of attackers at 3 metres in front of the basket.
  • The learning curve of the dodge ball is covered in these and following exercises.
  • The shooter at 3 meter receives the ball, his starting position is the same as for the shot from a standing position, a small spread.
  • Move the right leg slightly backwards, find the balance on that right leg by slightly pushing the left leg back.
  • From this balance, shoot at the basket.
  • Practise shooting on the right leg a few times, then shooting on the left leg.
  • Shooter becomes catcher, catcher becomes declarer and declarer rejoins the attackers.


  • As previous exercise, but the ball is not thrown until the shooter crosses the left foot in front of the right foot (on a swerve to the right).
  • The archer has to find the rhythm of the pass to the right, receiving the ball, balancing on the right leg and stretching arms and legs properly for the aimed shot.
  • Foursome per basket
  • Attacker, catcher, shooter, worker
  • Ball starts at the declarator, plays the ball to the worker, who stands left in front of the basket near a pawn, shooter starts right in front of the basket but runs out to the pawn to the right, receives the ball and shoots.
  • Changeover shooter --> receiver --> handler --> worker --> shooter
  • At least 2 people at the basket.
  • Run as fast as you can around the hall and back to the basket.
  • When you are all at the basket again, you can start shooting.
  • Short chance under the basket. Alternate shooting, one shoots, the other catches.
  • The first to score 20.
  • The exercise is in pairs.
  • Attacker picks out a line from where he thinks he will score the most goals.
  • He always takes his shots from this line.
  • After a shot, he runs from the line to another line about 45 degrees away.
  • After the rebounder takes the ball, the attacker may immediately return to his own chosen line.
  • Ball caught = immediately back.
  • Who will score the most goals in a minute and a half?


  • Who cracks the 4-digit code?
  • As soon as they have completed a task, they may enter a number on their code sheet.
  • After 4 digits it is indicated how many numbers are in the right place and how many numbers are correct.

You will play matches with even numbers, but instead of earning points by scoring, you can also earn points by catching the ball.

  • Goal is worth 1 point
  • Catching the ball after a shot(rebounding) 2 points

2 minutes on call move to piledriver (tap). At the call of the trainer "Shot" the player starts to shoot (in movement). When the trainer calls another colour, the shooting stops. (Part of the exercise is without throwing the ball as in the picture).


  • Take 3 at a time.
  • Ask attention for technique.
    • doorlopers
    • Shot from a distance that you can shoot well
    • Dodgers (tapping the basket)
    • Penalty throw
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