Korfball drills for shoot / score / shot

  • Three teams at a basket. 1 shooter, 2 catchers who stand about 3 metres on either side of the basket facing the shooter.
  • As soon as the shooter has released the ball, they may move towards the basket to catch it.
  • The first player to catch the ball correctly may be the shooter.
  • Quick turn.
  • If there is a person who does not catch the ball first, give that person extra guidance to catch it correctly.

  • Two teams.
  • Setters on 2/3 on a mat.
  • Basket on both sides on 4.
  • High speed ball over the net, pass to setter, setter plays towards the basket.
  • The setter is not allowed to leave the mat!
  • Hitting the basket is 1 point, ball in basket is 3 points.
  • Who is first at 25 wins!


  • You have two mats in the room, two teams have to defend each a mat of their own.
  • But before they can attack, one of the two teams must complete a task. The team that finishes first gets the ball and may attack.
  • The other teams may only move once their team member has also completed the task.
  • You are not allowed to run with the ball, so you have to pass.
  • Group per basket
  • 5 stop shots
  • 4 back 3 meter
  • 6 times frontside 4 meter
  • 2 times front side 5 meters
  • 4 stop shots back side
  • Let the children divide themselves over 3 poles.
    • More poles if there are many children
  • One person may start shooting from 1 meter if the basket is hit within 2 attempts, the player may continue shooting from 2 meters.
  • If they can't hit the basket in two attempts, it's the next player's turn.
    • In this way we can see which children can shoot from far and less far.
    • You can also see which children are stronger in their arms, so that you can pay attention to that next time you make groups.

2 poles and 2 groups at each pole.

  • Place 9 hoops away from the basket.
  • The number 1 of each group shoots from 4 meters.
  • If he/she scores, he/she may place a hat in one of the hoops.
  • If he/she misses, it's the next group's turn.
  • This continues until one group has three in a row horizontally, diagonally or vertically.
  • You make groups of 2 or 3.
  • You are going to shoot at the basket and when you have scored you call YO,
  • and then you (and the rest what shoots) turn to the next pole.
  • So you go through who first 5 times (or less because you want) has said YO has won
  • 2 poles with the basket against each other
  • 2 teams take turns to shoot at the basket farthest from them
  • Who has 10 goals first.
  • Goal in the basket of the other team is a point for the other team.

  • List:
    • 5 passed balls,
    • 10 penalty shots,
    • 5 shots from 4 meters,
    • 15 walk-throughs from behind the basket,
    • 5 shots from 3 meters behind the basket.