Korfball drills for shoot / score / shot

  • 1 declarer throws the ball to the person in front of the basket
  • he then makes a shot when the ball is caught
  • under the basket he then goes inside
  • and takes a walkthrough ball
  • finally, he takes a short chance
    • you can play this like this, for example, who is the first to the 20
  • 2s,
  • 8 hits,
  • miss twice, sprint to the middle and keep going until you make eight,
  • then the other one
  • With a team of 3 at the basket.
  • 2 attackers and 1 rebounder
  • 2 attackers stay in motion around the basket and get in turns the ball to shoot.
  • Which shooter has 2 points first, exchanges with the rebounder.
  • The children shoot from 4 meters,
  • With the whole group they make 10 in 5 minutes.
  • If this does not happen there is a consequence!

Variant A.

  • Make groups of as equal numbers as possible and divide them over baskets with some space between them.
  • Let the next player in line take a penalty throw.
  • Let them all take the penalty throw at the same time at your indication (with or without whistle), this simulates the pressure that is present in a competition environment.
  • The group that scores 5 penalty throws first gets a bonus life (see variant B).
  • You can repeat this variant a few times (depending on the size of the group).

Variant B.

  • You now move on to shooting; the pressure to score a penalty throw increases.
  • Starting position is the same as variant A, however, the player who misses the penalty throw is now out.
    • Unless a bonus life previously earned by the group is used.
  • That means the group shrinks.
  • The last two groups with 1 person left, will compete against each other on 1 central basket.
  • The players who were shot earlier form a (large) circle around the scene.
  • The remaining players take turns to score a penalty throw; the one who manages to score two penalty throws before his opponent manages to score at all, gets the honorary title of king (or queen ) of the week.
    • At x-moment you can deliberately introduce some disturbing elements, such as loud music, or an extra ball in the field to get the players out of their concentration. Explain clearly what the purpose of this is.
  • Group per basket
  • 5 stop shots
  • 4 back 3 meter
  • 6 front side 4 meter
  • 5 penalty shots
  • One person shoots
  • the rest run in circles.
  • Don't stop until you've scored twice,
  • then change.
  • 3 teams per basket.
  • 1 fixed rebound / declarer, the other 2 shoot alternately on the basket and count the number of goals.
  • After 90 seconds the rebound changes its function.
  • Number of players per pole is not important.
  • Players will shoot from 5 to 6 meters according to age.
  • If they throw in the basket consecutively, they may double the score.
  • At 2 I throw in, then it's 3, then I throw in again, then it's 6 and so on.
  • If a player scores, he also has to keep throwing.
  • This is played with seniors usually to 3000 or 5000
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