Korfball drills for shoot / score / shot

  • You make groups of 2 or 3.
  • You are going to shoot at the basket and when you have scored you call YO,
  • and then you (and the rest what shoots) turn to the next pole.
  • So you go through who first 5 times (or less because you want) has said YO has won
  • 2 poles with the basket against each other
  • 2 teams take turns to shoot at the basket farthest from them
  • Who has 10 goals first.
  • Goal in the basket of the other team is a point for the other team.

  • List:
    • 5 passed balls,
    • 10 penalty shots,
    • 5 shots from 4 meters,
    • 15 walk-throughs from behind the basket,
    • 5 shots from 3 meters behind the basket.
  • Stand in a circle around a basket (4 children).
  • The child in front of the basket shoots the ball towards the basket,
  • the other three girls must try to catch the ball.
  • The child that catches the ball may then shoot.
  • After a while add an extra ball.
  • Goal: practise shooting and catching.
  • 4 children per basket
  • Everyone has his own ball.
  • Every child on 1 side of the basket.
  • If you score you may move up one place.
  • Who is round first wins.
  • Even number of children per group
  • Assignment successful is get a new one from the trainer.
  • Who is first to complete all the tasks?
    • Score 5 times shot
    • 5 times stop shot
    • 2 shots in a series
    • 4 times score from the back
    • Score twice per person
  • Have the players shoot ten times and count the number of goals they score
  • Then make them sprint ten times for ten metres.
  • Then they have to shoot ten more times and count the number of goals they score.
  • 1 declarer throws the ball to the person in front of the basket then he takes a shot if the ball is caught under the basket he then goes inside and takes a through ball finally he then takes a short chance.
  • Point count:
    • Shot counts 2x
    • Walkthrough counts 1x
    • Short chance counts 1x
  • 5min long and then look per basket who has the most points = 2 times

2 persons per pole

  • From the front a hat at 5 meter distance, on one side at 3 meter distance and one side at 1 meter distance. the back at about 4 meter distance.
  • Number 1 starts shooting. Number 2 takes the catch.
  • When number 1 has scored, he/she moves to the side and when he/she has scored again, we move to the other side.
  • Score 4 times in total. If you succeeded then it is number 2's turn.
  • If number 1 hasn't scored 4x after 2 minutes we change and train separately on shot technique.