Korfball drills for shoot / score / shot

  • Make two or more groups depending on the size of the group.
  • 3 pawns per group
  • When a player scores he/she may take a pawn from another group. The first player to get all or a certain number of pawns.
  • 1 declarer throws the ball to the person in front of the basket then he takes a shot if the ball is caught under the basket he then goes inside and takes a through ball finally he then takes a short chance.
  • Point count:
    • Shot counts 2x
    • Walkthrough counts 1x
    • Short chance counts 1x
  • 3 min long and then look per basket who has the most points
  • At pawn 1
    • touch the groundTouch the ground, jump up and stretch all the way. We do this 5 times.
  • Pole 1
    • Then you take a dodge at pole 1.
    • RUN TO POLE 2.
  • Pole 2
    • 5 sit ups.
    • RUN TO POLE 2.
  • Pole 2
    • run through the pole 2.
  • Pole 3
    • 5 squads.
  • Pole 3
    • Score 1 small chance
    • We do this 3 times, then change under the pole

In short: nice shooting exercise with a lot of running.


  • The baskets are placed in a circle.
  • At each basket stands a server with a ball.
  • The rest of the players stand in the middle of the circle (the middle must be clearly recognisable.
  • There is often a circle in the hall,
    • A pylon must be placed on the field).
    • The number of baskets is very precise:
    • Aim for 2 baskets per 5 players.


  • The players in the centre circle get the assignment to make a run through ball on one of the baskets,
  • It does not matter which one.
  • As there are more players in the circle than there are free baskets, it is important to find a free basket quickly.
  • When you are not quick enough, you have to wait a bit.
  • And when Johnny is already on his way to a basket, but is passed at the last moment by Marietje, who is running faster, Johnny has to go back to the centre circle and try again from there.
  • Everyone catches his own ball.
  • After passing the ball, each player runs through the centre circle or around the pylon to find a free basket again as soon as possible.

3 players

  • 1 player stands under the basket with the ball.
  • the other player is in front of the basket and the last player behind the basket.
  • the player with the ball throws the ball to the person in front of the basket.
  • the person in front of the basket shoots.
  • The person behind the basket tries to catch the ball and throws it to the person behind the basket.
  • And so you continue.
  • You stand in a semi-circle around the basket.
  • If someone scores, the next in line must also score.
  • If they don't, they're out.
  • You will stand in pairs by a basket.
    • First you shoot from the front.
    • as soon as you have scored there you go to the side and try to score as well,
    • then to the back
    • and then to the side (in a circle).
    • as soon as you have scored on all sides, you switch with the one who was under the basket and do the same.
    • Whoever finishes first with both making a round has won.
  • You line up in front of the basket at about 5 to 6 metres,
  • The two people who are in front get a ball.
  • The goal of this exercise is to shoot each other.
  • The person behind you can shoot you, by scoring before you do.
  • But if you score before the person behind you, the next in line gets the ball and they can shoot the person in front of them.
  • When you are shot, you get out of the line and stand aside.
  • You may not disturb each other, you may not walk with the ball.
  • This goes on and on until there are 2 people left.
  • If the last 2 people are left and the person at the front of the line and scored must then go back in the 'row' and he/she can shoot the person in front of him/her again.
  • And so you go on until there is a winner.
  • 4 posts and 2 players per post
  • Shooter shoots 5x and switches with the catch,
  • if the last shot is a bonus shot
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