Korfball drills for shoot / score / shot

  • 2 groups, 2 baskets, per group 2 balls.
  • First 2 shoot, the one who does not score in front of the previous one is out.
  • End of training
  • 4-0 set up,
  • 1 turn around and then play sideways for the short
  • followed by a cut from behind the basket.



In short: a lot of shooting practice with a lot of running. (STRESS on learning to shoot on one leg at the end of the season plus stepping out with a throw).

Organisation: The baskets are placed in a square The number of baskets is very precise: aim for 5 baskets per 10 players.

a ) The players start at each basket, one person stands under the basket and the other person stands in the hoop in front of the basket with the ball, shoots on twolegs and goes on to the next basket.

changing: on time

in case of uneven numbers, run again or catch again.

b ) As a., but now with the assignment: Who will score 3 goals first?

c ) Like a., but with the assignment: pull one leg out of the hoop and the other leg up.

(for the ones who write with the right hand out of the hoop, SHOCK ON THE AIDE TRAINERS HERE TO HELP THEM)

d ) As a., but there is an 'over-taking situation': the runner from the circle, after having received the ball, plays the ball back to the declarer who started away from the post

(THE DECLARER STEPS OUT OF THE HOOP WITH ONE LEG TO THROW). The original declarator must try to score from this start. (NOW the one who shot the ball runs to the next corner).

change ; on time, or who scores 3 points first

Divide the players over the baskets.

To score first 21 times by taking short shots from under the basket (alternating). Last shot must be scored backwards.

Penalty points:

  • -1 when the ball collides with the ground more than once
  • When the person who is not supposed to shoot catches the ball for another person.
  • -1 when the person who is not supposed to shoot shoots

With 3 players at the basket, 1 attacker with the ball under the basket and 2 players who shoot the ball in motion (minimum distance 3 meters
The attacker who is first to score 3 goals may remain in front of the basket and the attacker who has lost the game must take the place of the attacker.

  • Short chances under the post.
  • One person plays the ball to another and gets it back immediately when he moves backwards.
  • He shoots (short chance).
  • The next one catches it, passes to another, gets it back and shoots.
  • Player 1 is at 1 meter in front of the post and player 2 is in the catch.
  • Player 1 gets two chances to score from 1 meter.
  • If he succeeds, he can take a step back. There he gets another two chances to score.
  • If he misses twice in a row it is player 2's turn.

Let's see who comes furthest.


  • 3 men per basket
  • Player A starts as shooter at the first pawn.
  • Player B starts to pass the ball under the basket
  • Player C starts as catcher under the basket.
  • Player A runs with fast movements around all the cones.
  • At the last pawn, player A stops and stands ready to shoot.
  • The passer (player B) throws the ball and the shooter (player A) shoots.
  • Player C catches it
  • The passer (B) is going to shoot, and the archer is going to catch.
  • Make 15 together and everything on high speed.

six poles. Three of you at the pole.

One of the group runs laps. 1 side sprints at 100%, remaining 50%.
1 other group member will round off. 1 shot 2 meters, 1 shot three meters, 1 pass ball. Swap with the running player when finished. Call out when everyone has been.

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