Korfball drills for shoot / score / shot


  • Shooting exercise in which the players are divided into pairs over the posts.
  • There is a defender behind the post and an attacker in front at 8 metres.
  • All attackers make a shot until he sits.
  • The pole that scores the quickest calls yes gets a point.
  • Immediately after that, the attacker and offender switch positions.
  • Continue this way until you have 10 points.
  • The children stand in a square around the pole.
  • They pass the ball around by walking in and out and coming up next to the person with the ball.


  • The person in the middle stands as a catcher and the person behind the post as a passer.
  • The two in front start moving, the ball is thrown out or passed.


  • The children choose their own distance,
  • at least 4 metres, to shoot.
  • They walk in and out and practice to shoot on 1 leg.

  • First we practice this, after about 5 minutes, they will compete against each other who is the first to score 5 times.
  • It must be shooting on the move.
  • There are two players per pole.
  • There are 6 pawns next to the pole, each at a distance of 2 metres.
  • When they have scored, they can move one pawn backwards, when they miss, they stand as catcher.
  • And when it is their turn again they start all over again.

Line shoot. Are three distances and they all must try to score.

Divide over the baskets (max 3 per basket). Each group gets a ball. Each player must stand within one meter of the post. The goal is to score 20 goals as a group. The ball is not allowed to fall on the ground, then the counter starts at 0 again.


There are 3 players per basket with 1 ball. 1 player shoots the ball, the other two stand under the basket and try to catch the ball. The one who first reaches a certain number of points exchanges with the shooter.

Trio at the basket. A passer, defender and attacker. The defender starts with a light pressure and allows the shot. The attacker moves on the crossbar and shoots. When scoring twice, the attacker switches functions. The pressure from the defender can be increased further and further until there is a 1v1 situation in which the attacker can only shoot.


Player A shoots from in front of the basket. Player B catches it. Player B throws out to player A, moves away from the basket (direction doesn't matter), gets the ball from A and shoots. Player A catches the shot, passes to player B, moves away, gets the ball and shoots, player B catches, etc...


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