Korfball drills for shoot / score / shot

  • 3 persons under the pole.
  • 1 person under the post + 2 persons in front and behind the post.
  • Ball goes from under to the person in front, who passes it back to the person in front.
  • The 3rd person is doing an in-out move and gets the ball from the indicated 3rd person shoot.
  • Signaller catches the ball and passes it back to the person who just shot and so on.
  • 6 scoring with 2 is exchanging with the person under the post.
  • 2 or 3 per pole.
  • In front of the post, at a distance of 4 to 5 metres, two pawns in a line about 3 metres apart.
  • Player 1 moves sideways between the cones.
  • At a random moment, the ball is played to him. (after 1,2 or 3 times to and fro) and makes a shot.
  • In case of a triple team with a defender who gives pressure but allows the shot.
  • Change after a certain number of shots.
  • Score with a pair of 20 distance shots from the post.
  • The shooter shoots 5 times and is always moving on all sides of the post.
  • After 5 shots, the players switch functions.
  • The catcher tries to catch the ball before it hits the ground.
  • That means you have to judge where the ball is coming from to be in time to catch it.

Score 100 goals by 3.

  • Pass balls.
    • 10 overhead.
    • 10 with the left.
    • 10 with the right.
    • 10 underhand.
  • 25 penalty shots.
  • 15 dodge balls. (max 2 shots in a row, both left and right evasive).
  • 20 distance shots from a small movement. (max 2x in a row shooting)
  • Place 5 hats around the basket.
  • At 5 different distances from the basket. (max 6 meters, minimal 2 meters)
  • Work with pairs.
  • From each hat you may shoot twice.
  • You always shoot a whole round.
  • Which pair is first to score twice from all hats?
  • You make a round, until you have scored from all spots.
  • You shoot one round and catch the next round.
  • One person shoots from in front of the basket.
  • One person stands at the back left of a pawn, the other at the back right of a pawn, about 5 meters from the post and between each other.
  • The one in front of the basket shoots.
  • When the ball is loose, the two people in front of the basket start the rebound duel.
  • When they have won the rebound 3 times, they may shoot.
  • 3 or 4 teams.
  • Attacker, attacker, defender.
  • Attacker practices different types of shots but now with pressure from a defender.
  • Change after 10 goal attempts. (Each player keeps track of his shot percentage).
    • Attacker (A) shoots from 6 meter on the move.
    • Defender (V) gives light pressure.
    • A makes virtual shot move and takes through ball.
    • V also obstructs pass ball but has to give chance.
    • A has choice between shot and through ball.
    • V cooperates by making a clear choice.
    • If 3 but fumbles after shot or walkthrough ball another chance under the post.
  • Make 2 or 3 teams.
  • Each team gets 10 pawns.
  • The players shoot from their own chosen distances and put a pawn on each spot where they have scored.
  • When one team has finished, the teams change baskets. (Even if the other baskets have not yet placed all 10 pawns).
  • Now the players shoot the pawns away from the other team by scoring from that distance.
  • Winner who shoots away the pawns first.
  • Work in pairs. (unless there is no other way)
    • Shot from 4 meter from stand.
    • Shot from movement right 4/5 meter.
    • Shot from movement left 4/5 meter.
    • Short chance left at 3 meter.
    • Short chance right at 3 meter.
    • Penalty throw.
    • Walk-through ball.
    • Shot at 6 meter.
  • Working with 2 teams you let every player shoot for 2 minutes, after that you switch functions.
  • You are 4 minutes per round.
  • Note the scores on a list, so you can see if there is improvement later in the season.
  • Working with 3 teams, you work 1 minute per shot.