Korfball drills for shoot / score / shot

  • Create with 2 or 3 teams 100 goals
    • 40 through balls
    • 25 penalty throws
    • 15 dodge balls
    • 20 distance shots
  • Lady under the post throws out
    • Receiver of the ball shoots,
    • The ball that is caught goes back to the shooter,
    • The other lady comes in sight of the ball carrier and gets the ball.
    • She shoots.
  • Then she receives the ball back and the first lady comes in sight of the receiver and shoots.
  • After 10 shots, there is a change of function.
  • Each player comes 3x under the post.
  • Which trio scores more than 15 times
  • Under the post, the ball is played to the outside,
  • The other lady runs away from the ball carrier and gets a deep ball, the pole lady connects, gets the ball and shoots.
  • The first lady catches the ball and plays it back to the shooter who places the ball deep again, etc.
  • Which team will score first 3 times
  • Shoot with a pair at the basket between 3 and 5 metres.
  • Change function after 5 shots
  • Score 15 times
  • Idem but now the ball is deliberately placed about 0.5 meter next to the body.
  • Run/jump into the ball
  • Scoring 10x
  • Player always starts from the middle.
  • Player places the ball to the passer and runs to pylon 1, receives the ball back and shoots.
  • Rebound catches it
  • Player walks to the middle and walks to the next pylon.
    • You do this in turns 1 player 1 minute
    • Number of goals scored counts.
  • Variant:
    • If you catch the ball and it falls on the ground, you lose a point.
  • Variant on shot movement triangle
    • Instead of a shot
    • Start rebounding away for a short chance
    • Front player remains in play-off position
    • Indicates position of rebound (1/5)
  • Variant 2:
    • Frontline player runs one back (space)
    • Ball diagonal and throwing player comes next to it
  • Per pair both score 2 times on 4/5 meter then to the next pole (can overtake each other).
    • Team that is first back to their own basket wins.
  • Idem db 4 per person (PP)
  • Idem 4 dots pp, wrong is start counting again at 0
  • Shot pp from pylon (distance), score 3, is get pylon in the middle.
    • Are they gone, you may take them away from another, until you have 5 as a pole.
  • Player 1 starts at a few meters from the basket to start a distance shot.
  • The ball is caught by player 2 and player 1 makes a run through.
  • The ball is caught again and player 1 makes a short chance from behind the basket.
  • If none of these 3 chances are seated, the player must do it again.
  • If one of the 3 chances is placed, the next player may try again.
  • Two players per basket.
  • At five metres in front of the basket stands an attacker, who shoots 3x at the basket, each goal is two points.
  • Underneath the basket is a rebounder.
  • The rebounder under the basket must catch the ball within one bounce, otherwise one point is deducted from the total score.
  • After three shots the rebounder becomes shooter and the shooter becomes rebounder.
  • Which team will have 15 points first?