Korfball drills for shoot / score / shot


  • You shoot at 6 metres in front of the basket.
  • The other one catches it.
  • The ball is played out again and the catcher runs away from the basket.
  • He gets the ball back and shoots at about 6 meters.
  • The person who catches the ball, plays off, runs away and gets the ball back and shoots.
  • Which pair will be first to score 10 times?
The focus in this exercise is on taking the second chance.
When the shooter has taken a shot from the front court, it will be caught by the rebounder and passed back to the shooter as quickly as possible.
The shooter will have to anticipate the second ball and adjust the running line.

  1. The players stand with 2 (or 3) at a basket. One is the archer, the other the rebounder.
  2. The shooter starts in front of the post, receives the ball and shoots.
  3. The shooter keeps moving after the shot.
  4. The player under the post catches the ball, and passes it to the shooter as fast as possible.
  5. The shooter takes the second chance. Look closely at where you are running to get free.
  6. After the second ball is taken, the game starts again in the starting position.
  7. Change is made after 3 sessions of 2 shots, basket of 3 rotates continuously, with 3rd player on top.

  • First shot = 1p
  • 2nd chance = 1p, if the rebound of the first shot is caught without bouncing the ball, you get 2 points for scoring the 2nd chance.


  • With 3 teams at a basket.
  • 2 shooters and 1 receiver.
  • The archers keep moving around the basket at about 5 metres. They get the ball in turn.
  • The first one to score 3 times stays standing, the other shooter is going to catch.
  • Who shoots first 5 times someone away.

  • 1 pole
  • All players in a row at a good distance, not too close.
  • The first one starts shooting, when he has shot the 2nd may shoot.
  • If you score before the player behind you scores, give the ball to the next player and join the back of the row.
  • If the player behind you scores before you score, you're out. Both balls go to the next 2 in line.

Work with 3 teams

  • Score 10 goals after a move to the left. (run from front to side until about 5 metres next to the basket)
  • Score 10 goals after a move to the right. (run from side or back to right to about 5 metres from the basket)
  • Score 20 distance shots >/ 7 meters.
  • Score 10 sprint through balls.
  • Score 10 walk-throughs with running defender.
  • Score 10 penalty shots without missing.
  • To shoot cleanly and build up fitness
  • Which pair has the first 5 up and down runs?
  • You start by sprinting up and down 10 times
  • Then you shoot 10 times and count how many times you score
  • If you have scored 5 or more times (half of your number of sprints up and down), you may sprint up and down once less, so 9 times.
  • Then you start shooting again and count how many times you score. If this is half or more than the number of times you sprinted up and down, you may subtract another time.


: Two (or three) players per post. One player with ball in front of the basket at 7 meters.

  • The player under the basket pulls away
    • The ball is thrown to him (if the set-up is right, he receives the ball a bit diagonally).
    • The player in front of the basket comes next to him.
    • And makes a shot.
  • Same as above
    • Only now the player in front of the basket comes alongside again.
    • And makes a through ball from the space without the ball.
  • Same thing,
    • Only now there is no walkthrough,
    • But there is a threat for the walkthrough.
    • And the player without the ball runs long (away from the puller and parallel to the basket)
    • And takes the shot.
  • same,
    • Only now the shooter runs long again
    • And after walking the long line, comes through for the walkthrough ball without the ball.
Correcting for
: Shooting the right leg, shooting in line with the basket, good placement, shoulder to the basket when shooting
  • The ball is played into the support.
  • The taker feints to the left and pulls away to the right.
  • She receives the ball and shoots from that sideways movement.
  • The shot is caught by the third lady
    • She passes to the first attacker, who has run forward
    • Who plays in and pulls away to the left, after feinting.
  • The first shooter makes the catch.
Make 20 goals per team of 3


Divide the group into different teams. Use playing cards and redistribute after each task. Winning team earns one point each:

  • Shot at 4 meter from movement: score 10x
  • Knock on wood: score 15x
  • Shot on the move 4 meter behind the basket: score 8x
  • Penalty throw: score 15x
  • Shot from movement 6 meter: score 7x
  • Shot through with 1 hand: score 12x
  • Penalty throw behind the basket: score 12x
  • Free throws: score 8x
  • Shot (2p), run-through (1p), short-handed shot (1p): score 20 points
  • Swerve and run-through: both inbound is 1p. score 8 points


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