Korfball drills for shoot / score / shot

  • Player in front of the basket places the ball to the right (the blue player) and walks to the left side.
  • At the pylon, she receives the ball from the blue player and she shoots out of motion.
  • The white lady catches the ball.
  • The passer becomes the shooter, the catcher becomes the receiver and the shooter starts to catch.
  • Score with 3 from the left 15 times and from the right 15 times.
  • Score with pairs from 3 and 5 meter each 5x (depending on the group being trained, this may take a maximum of 7-10 times).
  • 1 attacker and 1 defender.
  • The attacker stands a few metres away. (A distance where you practice to shoot far)
  • The defender stands at the basket.
  • As soon as the attacker throws the ball to the defender, the defender can run and try to defend.
  • Walk to the hats, tap the left hat, and tap the right hat and walk left for a dodge.
  • Next you do it the other way around, so first the right hat, then the left and then the right away for the dodge.
  • Per side you make 5x 5 series per person
  • Who scores more than 10(only 1 out of 5 hits)?
  • Place a pawn at 2m, 3m, 4m, 6m and 8m distance from the basket.
  • Pairs at the basket, at each pawn shoot three times.
  • When you score a goal or after three missed shots you switch.
  • When you have scored, move one pawn further.
  • Which team reaches the 8m pawn first?
  • Ball is in front of red. white moves up and down making it look like she is going to get the ball from red.
  • Blue sprints aside from the post and gets the ball from red.
  • Red sprints to the post to take the catch.
  • White comes to the spot of red, gets the ball and shoots.
  • Red catches and gives the ball to white and sprints out sideways.
  • Red gets the ball and white sprints to the post to intercept, blue takes a shot in front of the basket.
  • In teams of 2 at the basket, 3rd player does secondary exercises.
  • Player 1 (attacker-rebounder) with ball under the basket, player 2 about 5 meters in front of the basket.
  • The shooter's assignment is to score 6 times from a shot.
  • After each shot, the shooter moves again, so everything must be done on the move.
  • The positions remain until someone actually has 6.
  • Then you rotate through (declarer --> rehearsal --> shooter --> declarer).
  • Always keep in mind that the distance rules must be maintained, especially when rebounding a shot that falls in front.
  • Passing position and rebounder under the basket, attacker in front: (if with 4, a defender will run on the long line and give passive pressure).
    • Declarer plays a moving striker, who comes out with the ball.
    • Outgoing attacker gets the ball back.
    • Attacker runs long and shoots. (Pay attention that you run clearly in 2 lines, often there is a tendency to run in 1 line).
    • After the shot, fall inside for a walkthrough ball with one hand.
  • Shot inside is 2 points, pass ball is 1 point.
  • Goal is to score 20 points.
  • When reaching 10 points, change direction.
  • Crucial is the passing, and the 'attacking' of the ball by the shooter.
  • Two of you are responsible for a good pass.
  • Series consists of 3 chances:
    • Start from free throw.
    • Then get the ball on a running action in front. (outer hand)
    • After transferring the ball to the other hand (wide steps) you pass to the ball carrier again.
    • Continue for a shot behind the basket.
  • Which team will score 20 times first?