Korfball drills for shoot / score / shot



  • Who cracks the 4-digit code?
  • As soon as they have completed a task, they may enter a number on their code sheet.
  • After 4 digits it is indicated how many numbers are in the right place and how many numbers are correct.

You will play matches with even numbers, but instead of earning points by scoring, you can also earn points by catching the ball.

  • Goal is worth 1 point
  • Catching the ball after a shot(rebounding) 2 points

2 minutes on call move to piledriver (tap). At the call of the trainer "Shot" the player starts to shoot (in movement). When the trainer calls another colour, the shooting stops. (Part of the exercise is without throwing the ball as in the picture).


  • Take 3 at a time.
  • Ask attention for technique.
    • doorlopers
    • Shot from a distance that you can shoot well
    • Dodgers (tapping the basket)
    • Penalty throw
  • 3 score is change:
  • Only the winner stays.
    • Thoroughbreds
    • Shot from a distance that everyone can reach
    • Dodgers
    • Penalty throw

Hoop large pawn 2 colours small pawn around the basket

  • 1 attacker
  • 1 attacker per pole.

  • Trainer calls out e.g. big pawn, red pawn, yellow pawn and then hoop.
  • In that order the attacker touches everything and makes a shot at the last (hoop).
  • Attacker switches with support.
  • Make groups and the winner is the team that has 5 x type of pawn.
  • Principle as stealing games but then persons.
  • Everyone starts shooting, at two consecutive scores one person may be taken from another pole.
  • The pole with the most people wins after a while / everyone wins (mainly the starters of this pole) when everyone is at a pole.

Goaltender throws to forward goes after the ball for:

  • pass
  • dodge
  • shot

Bitch catches and throws to opposite side etc. With 2 balls at the same time.


Inshort: practise all kinds of forms of the shot from a supporting position.

Organisation: pairs per basket, always one person under the basket and one person in front of it. Change after about 1 minute.

a ) One person in front of the basket at about 6 meters, the shooter stands under the basket. The shooter starts away from the basket (backwards), gets the ball and shoots immediately. The striker catches the ball.

b ) As exercise a., but the shooter only threatens with a shot, lets the defender jump in and then continues with an "underhand pull ball": a kind of private penalty throw from about 5 meters diagonally behind the basket. The Germa-ball - so called by me after Germa Woldhuis of Nic. who had success with this on a regular basis - is practised here. The server catches the ball.

c ) The starting situation is the same, but the shooter now gets a defender with him (some pairs cancel each other out). The defender's task is to decide which of the two possibilities (a. or b.) the attacker will get: either he reacts deliberately too late (after which a shot must follow), or he follows the shooter too closely (thus giving the opportunity for an underhand draw). In exercises d., e. and f., the attacker plays free with one simple movement. An efficient way, which requires however a lot of technique (and thus practice).