Korfball drills for warming-up

  • 1 loafer who can't have the ball, no tapping.
  • Throwing good balls.
  • Not caught is fault of the thrower.
  • Tapping the ball is enough for the batsman.
  • You have the team form a circle around the trainer.
  • They have to keep moving; when they are called left, they turn left and sprint away.
  • When the call is to the right, they turn right and sprint away
  • Stand in pairs in the middle of the room.
  • You do with this pair 'stone - paper - scissors' and who loses must tap the winner as soon as possible.
  • The winner must try to tap the wall on his side of the room as quickly as possible.

Ball Skills

  • Each child gets a ball
  • The children do the exercises of the trainers:
    • Bounce the ball with the right hand
    • Bounce the ball with the wrong hand
    • Throw the ball up and catch it again
    • You spin the ball around your belly
    • You stand up straight and throw the ball from one hand over your head to the other hand (width or length)
  • You repeat these tasks a number of times
  • Players in a circle arm in arm. In the middle pawns,
  • Try to get the other to a cone by pulling.
  • Try to get the other against a pawn by pulling.
  • At 5 points you get a penalty and you have to push the other one.
  • 2 poles with the basket against each other
  • 2 teams take turns to shoot at the basket farthest from them
  • Who has 10 goals first.
  • Goal in the basket of the other team is a point for the other team.
  • In the middle you put balls
  • The players stand by their basket
  • At the whistle they run in and try to get a ball
  • When you have a ball you may attempt a shot (penalty throw - distance) and
  • If you score, you get a point,
  • At every new round one ball less in the middle.
  • The players who do not have the ball keep running.
  • up to 5 points per person

  • In a field of nine squares the aim is to make 3 in a row (butter, cheese and eggs).
  • Two teams have a pair of 2 players ready.
  • One runs to a square to occupy it, the other dribbles through the pawns and plays the ball to the square.
  • Only when the ball is received in the box it may remain there.
  • When both players of the team have run back, the next two may play.
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