Korfball drills for warming-up



Player 1 at 2.5 m from the post, player 2 at pass-on position (whichever player 1 likes best)


Player at 2.5m in front of the basket.

Take penalty throw

  • 1 player stands at pilon 1, 
  • 1 player stands at pilon 2.
  • Person 2 chooses whether to sprint to pilon 3 or pilon 4. 
  • Person 1 stands with his back to person 2. 
  • As soon as he/she sees that person 2 has made a choice, he/she tries to tap person 2 before he/she has touched pilon 3 or 4.
  • There are 4 pilons in front of the post. 
  • 2 pilons of the same colour
  • These pilons are in a square. 
  • 1 player is under the post and 2 players are between the pilons. 
  • The 2 players between the pilons start with a light dribble towards the post.  
  • The player under the post names the colour of 1 of the 2 colours of pilons. 
  • The following actions are possible:
    1. The players run to the back 2 pilons turn around and sprint to the post and the first one takes a through ball. 
    2. The players run to the first two pilons and tap them and run back to the post and the first one takes a through ball.
  • groups of 3 at a post. 
  • 1 fixed passer. 
  • 2 shooters. 
  • These keep moving at about 5 - 6 meters from the post. 
  • Trying a shot must always be tuned to capturing it again. 
  • The time between capture and goal attempt must always be as short as possible. 
  • There are always 2 different types of goal attempts and the goalkeepers always take the same type of goal attempt.
  • 1 through-ballplayer and 1 defector. (change at 5 scores pp)
  • 1 defector and 1 chance behind post (change at 5 scores)

  • 1 shooter in front of the post. 1 passer. 
  • Possibly with slight defensive pressure. 
  • Attacker moves left/right, gets the ball played and shoots (+-5 meters). 
  • When he scores, he earns a point and shoots through, if he misses he must first run to a line behind him at about 5 metres from the place of shooting. 
  • After this you can continue shooting. 
  • Switch goals every 3/4 of the time. 
  • Total 8/9 goals per post. (It depends on whether you play with or without a defender).
  • Place the poles in a row next to each other.
  • Underneath each post there will be a marker with a ball.
  • The players take a through-ball on the first post after which they catch their own ball.
  • The passer then runs to the front of the next post, moves on and takes a through-ball on this post.
  • Here, the ball is caught again and the captain moves on to the next post.
  • At the last pole, the passer runs behind the posts back to the first pole.
  • Work towards a number of goals (2 times the number of poles is fine).
  • This can also be done with other forms of chances such as drawback balls.
  • 2 groups at pilons, 
  • Run to the hoop. 
  • Through the hoops and run to the pilons. 
  • Zigzag through the pilons. 
  • Finally shoot ( 2 attempts). 
  • Whoever scores 5 times first, wins
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