Korfball drills for warming-up



  • Who is the first to circle the ball or the player?


  • Everyone stands in a circle with enough space to throw a ball quickly.
  • The ball starts to the right of the child who is going to run.
  • The child who is going to run, runs at the same time as throwing the first ball on the outside of the circle.
  • You stand on a large field.
  • You make 2 teams 1 team stands left behind the line and the other team right behind the line.
  • 1 big ball, lies in the middle of the field.
  • Each player has a ball.
  • They try to hit the ball from behind the line and roll it over the line of the opponent.
  • After throwing you pick up your own ball and stand behind your own line again, and you start aiming at the big ball again, until the ball has crossed someone's line.
  • 3 or 4 players.
  • On 8 meters opposite each other.
  • Player 1 of the pair throws the ball to the other side and runs after it.
    • Throw over and run after it.
    • Player gets the ball back.
    • Player swings out of the way and gets the ball back underhand. (all with 1 hand).
    • Player makes half circle jump and plays ball back; player runs to the other side.
    • Player gets ball from number 2 from behind and plays ball to the other side.
  • Players run/dribble around a set square. (poles/pawns, sufficient distance from each other).
  • Players are given a list of commands in advance, with a corresponding number.
  • The trainer calls out a number randomly, players carry out the assignment.
  • You can adjust the number of missions and the missions themselves.
  • Example of assignments.
    • Tapping the ground.
    • Jump in the air.
    • Sprint to the next pole.
    • 1 burpee.
    • Backwards as if you are defending until the next pole/pawn.

Three warm-up exercises for flexible muscles.

These exercises are for back, back and hamstring and back legs, ankles and arms.

  • Dangling pose. (back)
    • Both feet hip-width apart with feet forward.
    • Hands go up sideways.
    • Tilt your pelvis forward and bring your hands to the ground.
    • Try to feel the breath in your back and hold for 1 minute.
    • Then come up at a slow pace, vertebra by vertebra.
  • Down dog. (hamstring and back)
    • Hands and knees on the ground. (Hips above the knee and hands straight under the shoulder))
    • Plank on your hands.
    • Backside up and back, leaving hands where they are.
    • Hold for 20 seconds and then back in reverse.
  • Triangle pose. (back, legs, ankles and arms)
    • Stand arms and legs wide apart. (Legs at wrist width)
    • Turn right foot 90 degrees to the right and point left foot forward.
    • Ankles stay in 1 line.
    • Reach to the right and move your right hand to your calf and look up at your left hand. (Arms stay at 180 degrees)
    • Hips stay forward.
    • Stand still and come up.
  • Exercise 1 and 2 we do 3x, exercise 3 left and right.

(On the zero 23 site there are corresponding instructional videos)

2 speed ladders, basket behind them, after each exercise walk through for a walkthrough or a shot, catch your own ball and pass to the next player.

  • Lateral high knees, speed ladder:
    • Jog sideways through the ladder, lifting your knees up and keeping your torso straight.
    • Move your arms along with the movement.
  • Lateral fast feet, speed ladder:
    • Move sideways through the ladder at a high pace, moving your arms with you.
  • Lateral ali shuffle, speed ladder:
    • Stand in front of the speed ladder and do staggered jumps, keeping one leg in the ladder at a time.
  • Lateral ali shuffle hip twist, speed ladder:
    • Stand in front of the speed ladder and do staggered jumps with one leg at a time, rotating the hip with the speed ladder.
  • Forward high knees, speed ladder:
    • Stand in front of the speed ladder and walk at a dribbling pace through the (speed) ladder.
    • Raise your knees and keep your torso upright.
  • Forward squat in out, speed ladder:
    • Stand in front of the speed ladder and jump two feet into the ladder, then jump right back out and end up in a squat position.
    • Make sure your thighs are horizontal and your torso is upright.
  • Forward o uchi gari, speed ladder:
    • Stand in the speed ladder placing one foot outside the ladder and one foot inside the ladder.
    • Move the foot inside the ladder one step at a time and bring the foot outside the ladder from front to back.
  • Forward in-in out, speed ladder:
    • Stand in front of the speed ladder and step into the ladder, always placing one foot inside the ladder and always placing one foot outside the ladder.
  • Forward fastfeet, speed ladder:
    • Stand in front of the speed ladder and walk through the (speed) ladder at a fast pace.
  • Forward in-in,out-out, speed ladder:
    • Stand in front of the speed ladder, stepping two feet in first, alternating with two feet outside the ladder.
  • Backward in-in, out-out, speed ladder:
    • Stand in front of the speed ladder with your back to it and step backwards, first with two feet on the ladder and then with two feet outside the ladder.

You need the board game "30 seconds" to do this

Posts in a square or circle, reasonable distance from each other. In the middle stands the trainer with the 30 seconds board game.

List of 5-6 simple exercises with a number of goals. Each group (2 or 3 pairs) starts with the same exercise from the list. Each group continues until they reach the number. When they have reached the number for that exercise they go to the trainer and the board.

First come, first served. The group plays a round of "30 seconds" according to the normal rules. When they are done with the card, they get the next exercise and the number of goals. If a group has already done all the exercises on the list, they start again at the top of the list. Who reaches the end first?

Example exercises

  • 6 goals from 6 meter from standstill.
  • 12 penalty points.
  • 6 goals from 5 meter on the move.
  • 12 walk-throughs.
  • 4 goals from standing 7 meters.
  • 6 goals from movement 4 meters behind the basket.
  • You play this game in a korfball box with two parties.
  • The game is played from line to line.
  • You may only play the ball forward
  • You have to bring the ball with the team to the other line
  • You get a point if you ground the ball behind the opponent's line
  • If the player with the ball is tapped, she places the ball on the ground and the other side takes over the attack
  • You cannot be tapped on this initial throw.
  • 2 baskets opposite each other at about 10 meters.
  • Start with 3 against 3 or 4 against 4.
  • Depending on the numbers.
  • Task is for the defenders.
  • Try to intercept the ball.
  • No counter play is allowed.
    • Swap when one of the teams has intercepted 5 times the ball.
    • Play on time and which team has the most interceptions.
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