Korfball drills for warming-up

  • The group is lined up on the short side of the field in a few relays.
  • On a sign, they all walk to the other side at the same time and sit back to back in a random order.
  • Which group sits first?
  • Variation
  • Varying the starting and finishing poses.
  • At the other side touch a line, return and sit in a row again.
  • The group is lined up in the four corners of the field.
  • A ticker with a party ribbon
  • At a signal they cross the field in three directions:
  • the short side, the long side or diagonally.
  • On their return, they score one, two or three points respectively.
  • A ticker operates in the room and forces the ticked children to go back to his corner before he can cross again.
  • How many points can you get in an agreed time?
  • The exercise is in pairs.
  • Attacker picks out a line from where he thinks he will score the most goals.
  • He always takes his shots from this line.
  • After a shot, he runs from the line to another line about 45 degrees away.
  • After the rebounder takes the ball, the attacker may immediately return to his own chosen line.
  • Ball caught = immediately back.
  • Who will score the most goals in a minute and a half?
  • Diamond shape with pawns.
  • Make several runs and pass in the meantime.
  • Push off very important
  • Number 1 is going to take penalties until 10 have been scored.
  • In the meantime number 2 does running exercises.
  • As soon as number 1 has scored 10, there is a change of function.
  • Team of two with ball, sitting opposite each other on the mat
  • Person A holds ball above head with both hands and moves to supine position while tapping the ground with ball backwards with outstretched arms
  • Person A moves to sitting position and hands the ball to person B
  • Person B goes to the supine position and taps the ground with the ball backwards
  • and so on

  • Players stand in pairs, briefly facing each other.
  • On the ground between the two players lies a ball.
  • The trainer gives the commands:
    • Head,
    • chin,
    • knees,
    • feet,
    • ears,
    • BAL!
  • At the command BAL, the players must try to get the ball as quickly as possible.
  • At the other commands, they tap on the corresponding body part.

At the sound of the whistle the players have to do a task.


  • When the whistle blows, each called number of players must stand at a hoop or ball.
  • The last one to arrive and not finding a group to stand with does a small exercise.
  • Small exercises:
    • 5x pumps,
    • 10x stretch jump,
    • 5x sit-up,
    • ...


  • At the whistle do the exercise, individually.
  • Like what?
    • jump up,
    • go through the knees,
    • make a dash,
    • Give each other a high five,
    • ...

Picking cones:

Per x number at 1 pole.

  • After scoring twice in a row a pot may be taken from the pile.
  • When there are no more pots left, they may be stolen from other piles.
  • The exercise stops after a certain time or when 1 pole remains.
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