Soccer drills for all skills

  • We have a large rectangle. 
  • 1 team of 8 players. 1 team of 4 players
  • On the short sides of the rectangle is 1 handball, on the long sides 2. 
  • In total there are 6 handball players and 2 players in the middle. 
  • The other team of 4 players is in the middle.
  • The team of 8 tries to keep possession of the ball and uses the handball players and other players.

    tries to replay 10 times.

  • Pass and kick with variations in finishing and build-up
    • Keeper throws out, striker gets the ball and closes in
    • Keeper shoots out, playing striker with back to goal, striker turns away
  • in 16m area and between the goalposts a 'ditch'. 
  • The girls are not allowed to enter this ditch. position play one side of which 2 of the opponent are stuck on the other side. 
  • ball is intercepted and opponent shoots it directed to the other side. 
  • there the position play continues with 2 players of which 2 of the opponent remain stuck on the other side in the other area. 
  • Switching and tilting is very important.

1 v 1 

  • Playing in
  • Find each other
  • Going in to win the duel
  • Score or ball goes out 
  • Next pair starts
  • 2 players walk along a row of pylons.
  • Play the ball between the pawns to each other. 
  • Preferably hit 1x. 
  • Execute both left and right.
  • Player 1 plays the ball to player 2. 
  • Behind player 2 is a defender. 
  • Player 2 turns left or right.
  • Same as above but player 2 bounces back on player 1 who turned right (or left) and sprints away. 
  • Player 1 passes the ball in his feet.

Duration: +-10 min

  • Execution: 
    • 1 ball per pair
    • Ball in the middle
    • Both players one step behind
    • Players move forward at the same time so that the foot comes next to the ball
    • With the other foot they kick the inside as hard as possible against the ball 
  • Number
    • 10 times 5x right
    •  5x left 
    • Then change partners
  • Coaching moment:   
    • Don't hold back dare to kick
    • Kick against the heart of the ball 
  • Ball in hand: 
    • Each time in front of the stick throw and catch ball.
    • Throw center to center along the short side.
    • Then third stick again the same as the first step.
  • Ball in foot: 
    • Tap ball with left before stick and control it after the stick.
    • Center pass along the short side.
    • Then third stick again the same as first step.
  • Coaches: 
    • 3 x stick yellow and 3 x stick red.
    • In the middle yellow and red next to each other. 
  • Walk over the field in 2 numbers. 
  • Both players hold one end of a rope (1.5 meters).
  • Once the attacker determines the pace and direction. 
  • As soon as the rope is released when it comes to tension, the attacker has a point. 
  • Defender may only hold the rope loosely.