Soccer drills for all skills

  • Put pilons as on picture.
  • A course for 1 on 1 duel with big goal.
  • A course for 1 on 1 duel with small goal.
  • Two players as defender on both courses.
  • One goalkeeper on big goal.
  • Each course one row of players.
  • Player passes with defender. 
  • Goes into duel. 
  • Passes and completes.
  • Same on both courses. Players change courses after the exercise is completed.




2:2 will be played on 2 fields. The players in the so called striker squares at the top and bottom serve as goals.

They can score by playing their fellow player in the striker area, he must get the ball under control in this area. After a goal, the other party may start.

After this, the game is played with a first-time ball. The striker gets the ball and has to play it directly back to a fellow player. Only now a point is scored.

The strikers are not allowed to come out of their box, and the other players are not allowed in the striker's box.

After 8 minutes of substitution

Points of attention:

First check if the other player has played the ball correctly, then ask for the ball through a running action.

If you pass cleanly, then the striker can also play back well.




There will be played 8 against 4.

6:3, 7:3, 7:4, 9:4 or 9:5 is also possible.

With more or less players the dimensions have to be adjusted.

The 8 may score after 5 passes.

The 4 may always try to score.

If the ball is intercepted by the 4, if the ball goes out or after scoring, there must be counted again.

After, in total, 5 goals or after 10 minutes, teams are switched

To make it easier or more difficult, the number of replaying can be changed.

Points of attention:

Use the left and right foot.

If possible keep the ball low

Assuming the right foot.

Correct ball speed.

Direct play.

  • Find the players at the side to play a first-time ball.
  • Create a wide field.
  • Mandatory passing to the players at the side if one wants to get in scoring position.
  • 1 field on plain 3*1 yellow goal 4 against 4 with 2 players at the side (double formation).
  • This exercise contains a number of exercises. 
    • Looking over the shoulder
    • Passing 
    • Direction change
    • Feint 
    • Finish
  • Players must learn to look over their shoulders when they leave the ladder. 
  • The trainer stands behind the ladder and puts a yellow or red cone in the air. 
  • Based on this, the exercise is chosen.
  • Red: 
    • Player 2 plays in and player 1 takes the ball 
    • Feint and finish on mini target 
    • Player 2 responds to player 1
    • He runs back around cone and call back 
    • Player 2 plays again
    • Runs further and finishes on target
    • Player 2 can play either 1x or 2x
    • Change position 1 -> 2.
  • Jagerbal en twister in 2 groepen (7 minuten per oef en dan wisselen) . 
  • Tr 1 doet jagerbal in afgebakend vierkant (2 jagers en acht konijnen - bal gooien). 
  • Daarna 2 andere jagers , 
  • Diegenen die laatst overblijven.
  • TR2 doe twister op rechte lijn met 2 potjes  (begin en einde : 20 meter) en benoemt de kleuren. 
  • In het midden vlakken in verschillende kleuren (geel / rood / wit / blauw / groen / ...) .
  • Eerst 2 kleuren, nadien 3  kleuren, eventueel 4 kleuren. 
  • Spelers tikken de kleuren en lopen door naar eindpunt. 
  • Eindpunt wordt beginpunt voor volgende reeks. 

  • Put 2 chairs 18.3 meters apart.
  • Put a tennis ball on chair 1 (this is always replenished), and put a bin on chair 2.
  • The players work in pairs. 
  • One runs and the other keeps replacing the tennis balls.
  • Collect as many tennis balls as possible in 9 minutes. 
  • It is not allowed to throw and you have to run around the chairs.
  • Players in a circle hold each other's arms. pilons in the middle, 
  • Try to move the other one against a pilon. 
  • Whoever hits a pilon gets a penalty point. 
  • At 5 penalty points there will be prints etc.
  • Pairs of two with ball, sitting opposite to each other on a mat
  • Person A holds ball above the head with both hands and goes to supine with arms stretched backwards tapping the ground with the ball
  • Person A goes to sitting position and hands the ball over to person B
  • Person B goes to supine and taps the ball backwards to the ground
  • etc.