Soccer drills for all skills

  • Scoring by dribbling across the goal line
  • Playing out the situation through positional play
  • Ball handling in position play
  • Act fast, look for a pass directly
  • Overview of the situations for moving the game and choosing the moment and direction of the passing action
  • Cutting off the opponent's pass and shielding the ball
  • Coaching defenders to cut off the line of the pass
  • Defenders coach on giving back coverage (standing diagonally behind each other)
  • Player 1 starts dribbling along 5 hats
  • Then plays player 2 who waits by hat
  • Player 2 bounces the ball back on player 1
  • Player 1 finishes. 
  • Player 2 fetches ball and joins the back of the line
  • Player 1 runs to the pylon to bounce the ball back
  • Dribble in large square
  • Make small squares on the outside corners
  • Name the small squares
  • When calling the name, everyone must dribble to that square
  • Eventually you can work with a knockout system, so that the last 2 get eliminated. 

2 teams

  • The players have to play football 4 against 2 and must have replayed at least 3 times in the attack and a maximum of 10 times before scoring.
  • When a ball is taken off/ touched/ crosses the line or a score is scored, there must be a switch between attacking and defending.  
  • When there is no overplay, no scoring is allowed. 
  • The idea is to be able to play a game in corona time.
  • The idea comes from a table soccer game
  • Each player has his own space they are not allowed to leave.
  • By passing, the ball can be brought to the other player
  • Defense is allowed as long as it remains in his/her own discipline.
  • The field can be adjusted to the number of players

Further goals:

  • Passing
  • Positioning game
  • Shooting Distance

  • The exercise can be made more difficult by making the game faster
  • By only hitting the ball 2 or 3 times and playing quickly
  • After all, during a match you don't have that much time either
  • We have a large rectangle. 
  • 1 team of 8 players. 1 team of 4 players
  • On the short sides of the rectangle is 1 handball, on the long sides 2. 
  • In total there are 6 handball players and 2 players in the middle. 
  • The other team of 4 players is in the middle.
  • The team of 8 tries to keep possession of the ball and uses the handball players and other players.

    tries to replay 10 times.

  • Pass and kick with variations in finishing and build-up
    • Keeper throws out, striker gets the ball and closes in
    • Keeper shoots out, playing striker with back to goal, striker turns away
  • in 16m area and between the goalposts a 'ditch'. 
  • The girls are not allowed to enter this ditch. position play one side of which 2 of the opponent are stuck on the other side. 
  • ball is intercepted and opponent shoots it directed to the other side. 
  • there the position play continues with 2 players of which 2 of the opponent remain stuck on the other side in the other area. 
  • Switching and tilting is very important.

1 v 1 

  • Playing in
  • Find each other
  • Going in to win the duel
  • Score or ball goes out 
  • Next pair starts
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