Soccer drills for all skills



Field setup:

  • Place 2 x 4 x 2 pilons next to each other so that two streets of pilons are formed.

The course of play:

  • The players have to try to pass exactly through the pilon street and then sprint through it after the ball. 
  • Another player (white) receives the ball and dribbles to the other street. 
  • There this player does exactly the same towards player 3.
  • Player 3 starts again on the same spot as player 1.

Laws of the Game:

  • The ball must pass through the pilon street.
  • If you hit a pilon, you have to sprint to straighten the pilon and try again.
  • The ball must pass all pilons before the receiving player can take it.

  • Pairs of two
  • One of them rolls the ball and the other passes back.
  • the passer runs back and forth between a pilon and the place of passing
  • Challenge is to play as much passes as possible in 45 seconds.
  • Two groups of players
  • 1 defender
  • The defender attacks and the attacker must try to score
  • After a shot at goal, the attacker takes over the defender's place and an attacker from the other group tries to score.
  • Again tha attacker shoots and takes the place of the defender.
  • And so on.
  • Try to keep up the pace.

  • The group is positioned in the four corners of the field.
  • A tagger with a party ribbon
  • On the signal, they cross the field in three directions of their choice:
  • the short side, the long side or diagonal.
  • This results in one, two or three points each time they return.
  • A tagger operates in the free space and obliges the tagged children to first go back to their corner before they may cross again.
  • How many points can you score in a set time?
  • The group is on one side behind hoops.
  • On the signal, the children steal objects on the other side one by one and put them in the hoops on their own side.
  • If they are caught by a tagger, they have to put the object back.
  • A tagger will be assigned from the group.
  • The game is played all over the field.
  • The group is on one side of the field.
  • On the sign the children cross over.
  • One tagger tries to tap as many children crossing as possible.
  • Variation
  • The children walk back and forth on a sign.
  • Back and forth without waiting for a sign.
  • The children are not free on the other side.
  • With two taggers
  • With boxes with one tagger in each box.
  • The children can be tagged in each box.
  • Who is not tagged on the way back and forth?
  • Or which group of taggers has tagged the most children?
  • The group is lined up on the short side of the field in a few relays. 
  • On a sign they all run to the other side at the same time and sit down as fast as possible in a random order.
  • Which line can sit down first?
  • Variation
  • Varying start and end positions.
  • Touching a line on the opposite side, returning and sitting in line again.
  • The whole group is lined up behind a line on the side of the field.
  • On a signal, they run over to the other side.
  • Variation Starting positions: 
    • squat, 
    • sitting on knees 
    • lying on the stomach or back,
    • sit with your back towards the running direction.
  • The children run across the room in pairs.
  • One child tries to follow the other.
  • Variation
  • The child at the front has to suddenly change tempo.
  • The child in front must always change direction sharply.
  • Groups of four or five children.
  • Groups of four or five children and on a signal, the child in the back sprints to the front and then indicates the track and speed.