Soccer drills for all skills

  • Duration: 
    • 20 min
  • Distance: 
    • box 10 by 10 meters 
    • goals 3-1 in the middle of the line
  • Execution: 
    • 2 to 3
    • Middle player of 3 starts on the same line as defenders. 
    • The builders are required to play the middle player first. 
    • Then build up to a goal.
    • Game is over when one of the 2 parties has scored or the ball is out of the field. 
    • After that, switch positions 
  • Coach moment: 
    • Center player comes loose and shields the ball well.
    • Play short combinations so that the other player can act immediately.
  • Expensive: 
    • 15 min
  • Distance: 
    • 2 boxes 8 by 8 distance between the boxes 8 meters.
  • Execution: 
    • Teams start numbering 1.2 to capture the ball in opponent's square. 
    • Once this is done, they switch back to their own square and the no. 1,2 of the other team come to their square to capture the ball. 
    • In this way they rotate with numbers all the time. 
    • In the box where no defenders try to take the ball, they play the ball around quietly.  
  • When it doesn't stay in the team and goes out of the box this means 5 push-ups!!!!!.
  • Coaching: 
    • Also here it is determined to keep half time and overview they are only 2 opponents. 
    • Furthermore it is important to be attentive when you have conquered the ball and switch immediately to your own box. 
    • For the team that lost the ball try to switch faster than the 2 defenders so they have 2 people less to play the ball around. 
  • 4 pilons as on picture
  • Each pilon 1 player
  • Rest of players at 1st pilon
  • Player 1 plays first left player 2
  • Player 2 bounces back on player 1
  • Player 1 gives a deep pass on the same left side to player 3
  • Meanwhile, player 2 walks to the 16 meter line
  • Player 3 moves wide, player 2 moves round
  • Player 1 to player 3 position
  • Player 3 to player 2 position
  • Player 2 (who has completed) takes ball and joins row of player 1 (start)
  • Then on the right side the same
  • Put pilons as on picture.
  • Player 1 passes to player 2.
  • Player 2 turns open and gives depth pass to back line.
  • Player 1 sprints deep to depth pass and gives a cross to the edge of the box.
  • Player 3 communicates/calls and catches this pass (or takes or rounds immediately).

  • Three forms. 
  • On 1 side 2 players and 1 side 1 player.
  • Three pilons as shown on the picture.
  • Player 1 passes across to player 2.
  • Player 1 moves diagonally to pilon. 
  • Player 2 passes diagonally to player 1.
  • Player 1 spins out/open and passes to player 3 on beginning pilon.
  • Player 2 moves faster to the beginning of the pilon.
  • Player 1 moves to pilon on opposite side.
  • Put pilons as on picture.
  • A course for 1 on 1 duel with big goal.
  • A course for 1 on 1 duel with small goal.
  • Two players as defender on both courses.
  • One goalkeeper on big goal.
  • Each course one row of players.
  • Player passes with defender. 
  • Goes into duel. 
  • Passes and completes.
  • Same on both courses. Players change courses after the exercise is completed.




2:2 will be played on 2 fields. The players in the so called striker squares at the top and bottom serve as goals.

They can score by playing their fellow player in the striker area, he must get the ball under control in this area. After a goal, the other party may start.

After this, the game is played with a first-time ball. The striker gets the ball and has to play it directly back to a fellow player. Only now a point is scored.

The strikers are not allowed to come out of their box, and the other players are not allowed in the striker's box.

After 8 minutes of substitution

Points of attention:

First check if the other player has played the ball correctly, then ask for the ball through a running action.

If you pass cleanly, then the striker can also play back well.



There will be played 8 against 4.

6:3, 7:3, 7:4, 9:4 or 9:5 is also possible.

With more or less players the dimensions have to be adjusted.

The 8 may score after 5 passes.

The 4 may always try to score.

If the ball is intercepted by the 4, if the ball goes out or after scoring, there must be counted again.

After, in total, 5 goals or after 10 minutes, teams are switched

To make it easier or more difficult, the number of replaying can be changed.

Points of attention:

Use the left and right foot.

If possible keep the ball low

Assuming the right foot.

Correct ball speed.

Direct play.

  • Find the players at the side to play a first-time ball.
  • Create a wide field.
  • Mandatory passing to the players at the side if one wants to get in scoring position.
  • 1 field on plain 3*1 yellow goal 4 against 4 with 2 players at the side (double formation).
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