Soccer drills for all skills

  • There are all kinds of obstacles in the field, such as mats, hoops and pylons.
  • The trainer leads the way along these obstacles, the children follow him.
  • Variation
    • The children run in pairs along these obstacles.
    • They walk backwards.
    • They walk with sideways steps.
  • Put out a square.
  • Each corner has a colour (hat, jacket, ...).
  • When jogging randomly across the field, call out colour and then sprint to the corner. 

Make 4x a square of 10m x15m with 16 players

  • 1 player (X) in the middle
  • 3 players on the lines of the square with 2 balls
  • Player X is played by player A on the corner.
  • Player X takes the ball and moves to the other corner of the square and plays player B.
  • Player A on the corner runs to the next corner.
  • After this player D plays in on X who then takes the ball open again and passes on.
  • What follows now is a kind of carousel. 
  • The ball always goes crosswise, from one corner to the other.
  • Variation in this is to play the other way around.
  • Player X controls the ball with his right foot and turns and then continues to pass with the left foot.
  • Make sure you stand lightly on the forefeet here.
  • There is one tagger without ball and two players without ball.
  • The ball is thrown over accurately, so whoever has the ball may not be tagged without it
  • The ball may be held for a maximum of ten seconds.
  • If the tagger has intercepted a ball, the ball goes out of play.
  • If you are tagged, you go to the side when no. 2 comes to the side, no. 1 goes back into the game
  • Player plays the ball in the feet of a fellow player, this player plays the ball back.
  • Player runs in on the ball and plays on the second player who is on the 16 metre line.
  • This player also plays the ball back.
  • First player runs in and shoots at goal
  • Always make a feint move.
  • Make sure you respond quickly and cleanly
  • Also pay attention to the ball and running line

Cross behind the defense.

  • Let the players start running slowly
  • Then let them take longer steps
  • This is a good exercise for conditioning: 
  • The group has to stand in a row and you let them start dribbling slowly. 
  • As soon as the trainer blows his whistle, the last one of the row should run forwards. 
  • You do this until everyone has been there and then you let them run out of the round.