Soccer drills for all skills

  • This exercise contains a number of exercises. 
    • Looking over the shoulder
    • Passing 
    • Direction change
    • Feint 
    • Finish
  • Players must learn to look over their shoulders when they leave the ladder. 
  • The trainer stands behind the ladder and puts a yellow or red cone in the air. 
  • Based on this, the exercise is chosen.
  • Red: 
    • Player 2 plays in and player 1 takes the ball 
    • Feint and finish on mini target 
    • Player 2 responds to player 1
    • He runs back around cone and call back 
    • Player 2 plays again
    • Runs further and finishes on target
    • Player 2 can play either 1x or 2x
    • Change position 1 -> 2.
  • Jagerbal en twister in 2 groepen (7 minuten per oef en dan wisselen) . 
  • Tr 1 doet jagerbal in afgebakend vierkant (2 jagers en acht konijnen - bal gooien). 
  • Daarna 2 andere jagers , 
  • Diegenen die laatst overblijven.
  • TR2 doe twister op rechte lijn met 2 potjes  (begin en einde : 20 meter) en benoemt de kleuren. 
  • In het midden vlakken in verschillende kleuren (geel / rood / wit / blauw / groen / ...) .
  • Eerst 2 kleuren, nadien 3  kleuren, eventueel 4 kleuren. 
  • Spelers tikken de kleuren en lopen door naar eindpunt. 
  • Eindpunt wordt beginpunt voor volgende reeks. 

  • Put 2 chairs 18.3 meters apart.
  • Put a tennis ball on chair 1 (this is always replenished), and put a bin on chair 2.
  • The players work in pairs. 
  • One runs and the other keeps replacing the tennis balls.
  • Collect as many tennis balls as possible in 9 minutes. 
  • It is not allowed to throw and you have to run around the chairs.
  • Players in a circle hold each other's arms. pilons in the middle, 
  • Try to move the other one against a pilon. 
  • Whoever hits a pilon gets a penalty point. 
  • At 5 penalty points there will be prints etc.
  • Pairs of two with ball, sitting opposite to each other on a mat
  • Person A holds ball above the head with both hands and goes to supine with arms stretched backwards tapping the ground with the ball
  • Person A goes to sitting position and hands the ball over to person B
  • Person B goes to supine and taps the ball backwards to the ground
  • etc.

  • Throwing ball to partner while prone
  • Partner rolls ball back over the ground




Can be performed with knees bend



This exercise can be used for each category in the warm-up.

  • Both players A lead the ball to the middle pilon where they perform a chop and then play the ball to the next player. 
  • After the pass, the player runs diagonally to player B who throws in the ball and players A heads it in the goal.
  • The player that performed the header then takes the ball and stands behind goal, 
  • The other player joins the group that has to perform the movement
  • Put two groups opposite to each other.
  • The player in front passes the ball to the front of the other group and sprints to the other group and join them at the back.
  • The person who receives the ball plays the ball back to the opposite group to the one who is then in front and joins them at the back.
  • This repeats itself constantly and with good overplaying and sprinting it is a very active exercise.
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