Soccer drills for all skills


  • Scoring by shooting / passing towards a pilon
  • Controlling a rolling ball in front of or on the line
  • Good first touch (keep the ball under control)
  • Pass with inside foot / instep towards the pilon
  • Choose position to receive the ball
  • Make sure that you pay attention not only to the player who is passing, but also to the player at the other side that has to control the ball
  • An alternative may be not to work with individual scores, but with a score per pair. The couple that gets the most points wins
  • Scoring by dribbling across the goal line
  • Playing out of the situation through good positional play
  • Ball control in the positional play 
  • Act fast, be able to pass directly
  • Keep an overview of the situations for moving the game and choosing the moment and direction of the passing action
  • Cutting off the opponent's pass and keeping them off the ball
  • Coaching defenders to cut the line off the pass
  • Defenders coach on giving coverage (standing diagonally behind each other)
  • Both teams can score in a big goal
  • When the ball is out, dribble or play the ball back in play
  • Whenever a goal is scored, goal kick or corner kick, the goalkeeper starts his own goal.
  • (Possibly) substituting after every goal, goal kick or corner kick


  • Both teams can score in a big goal with goalkeeper
  • When the ball is out, the attackers play the ball back in, play or dribble in front of the defenders
  • At a corner kick or goalkick, start at the goalkeeper of the trio
  • Double score when the pair scores
  • When the ball goes back in play by the goaldefender, he no longer participates in the game.
  • Over time, the teams change.


  • Dribble to the player right in front of you. Just before the players reach the middle, they change direction 180 degrees and try to pass the player across the line.
  • The defender may come off the line as soon as the attacker has cut the ball.
  • Attacker scores a point when the ball is dribbled across the starting line
  • Defender scores a point when the ball is dribbled outside the field
  • When the ball is out, or when a point is scored, switch functions


  • The attackers try to create a chance or goal as quickly as possible
  • The defenders try to hold up the attackers as long as possible and force them to one side
  • The bottom defenders keep them close to each other so they can help each other.
  • Do not get out if outnumbered, wait for the opponent to bring the ball to the side and then put pressure on it and keep the opponent on the same side


  • Both teams can score on an ordinary goal with goalkeeper
  • If the ball is out at the sides start at goalkeeper
  • Corner kicks are taken
  • Initially without offside


  • Normal rules of the game (competition)
  • Check that what has been learned is understood and applied in a match form
  • Has the objective been achieved?
  • To see the relationship between the solutions/possibilities offered in the previous exercise forms and a game (competition)


  • 5 players in a square of 8 x 8 meters. 
  • On each corner 1 player and in the middle a player. 
  • The ball is passed around. 
  • The players who play the ball around may only touch the ball twice. 
  • The player in the middle has to touch or conquer the ball. 
  • If he/she already has or has touched the ball, this player takes over the position of the player at the corner that touched the ball last. 
  • The player playing the ball outside must also take the place of the player in the middle.