Soccer drills for all skills

  • Number 1 plays 2 and plays a 1-2
  • 1 opens to 3 which puts the ball ready for number 4.
  • Number 4 finishes off on the goal with left leg.
  • After this number 5 starts towards 6 etc. Number 8 finishes off with right foot. 
  • Put out a square with caps
  • Two opposite sides are multiple caps in a row.
  • On the first side the caps must be dribbled around, on the second side the player must float the ball to the next corner.
  • then dribble around the caps at the next corner.
  • Vary with inside foot and outside foot
  • Player 1 stands on the edge of the 16 meter / 11 meter dot (depending on the level of the players)
  • Player 2 stands on the edge of the centre circle and plays the ball in on player 1.
  • Player 1 plays the ball to player 2.
  • Player 2 shoots at goal.
  • player sprints to the ball (A)
  • he dribbles it to A1 where he leaves the ball.
  • at a steady pace to the sideline to get back to A1.
  • From A1, he sprints to the ball that is behind the pilon at A.
  • He dribbles to A2 where he leaves the ball.
  • So on to c2. 
  • The goalkeeper rolls the ball towards the goalkeeper and then finishes at goal. Try to take and shoot once.
  • Make two groups. 
  • Set out a course with four pilons in a row. Distance between them about 3 meters.
  • On signal the first one will sprint back and forth to the first pilon and back and further and further.
  • At the last pilon back and tap the next one.
  • Group that is back first is the winner.

  • We'll start with number one.
  • - Number 1 plays number 2.
  • - Number 2 plays the ball back to 1.
  • - Number 1 sends number 3 away towards the back line.
  • - Number 3 gives the ball so number 4 can finish.

1 goes to 2

2 goes to 3

3 goes to 4

  • field 15 m wide.
  • Make groups of three. 
  • Each player of a group goes either left, straight or in the middle.
  • The player in the middle asks for the ball and plays it firmly to the other player
  • Player in the middle turns and asks for the ball again but on the other side.
  • 1m full on and then switch.
  • Dribbling through each other in a small area. Possibly followed by commands. (sitting on the ball, changing ball, ball dead under your foot)
  • two against each other, both have a ball. Dribble towards each other, chop and back again (vary which foot to tap).
  • Hang on! Pairs of two, one holds the other from behind to the waist and the front should try to move forward
  • On the back! One goes on the other's back and the runner has to run to the other side
  • all players on the left get the ball.
  • Player 2 runs in and asks for the ball.
  • Player 1 plays in and gets it right back.
  • Player 2 runs around the pilon and asks for the ball again.
  • Change role after 10 times.
  • Inside

    > heads

    >inside high


let them walk out after they've played the ball.

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