Soccer drills for all skills

  • number 1 plays number 2.
  • number 2 plays the ball back to 1
  • 1 puts the ball in between 5 and 6. 
  • 5 plays to 6 
  • 6 puts him ready for 2 so he can finish on goal



  • No. 1 gives a long pass on no. 2
  • No. 1 presents itself for the 1 - 2
  • No. 2 enters the ball and passes the ball on no. 1
  • He's playing him on the inside
  • Player number 1 passes the ball with his right leg at number 2
  • Player #1 controls the ball or shoots directly at the goal
  • When working from the other side than using the left leg

Structure of the exercise form

  • Pairs of two with one ball
  • Players at number 1 have ball possession
  • After having worked change tasks and connect behind
  • Increasing/reducing distances


  • Play the ball tight
  • Play the ball on the inside so you have to play with the right.
  • The ball will then come to the finisher
  • Make sure players don't stand still for too long
  • Dribbling through each other in a small area. Possibly followed by commands. (sitting on the ball, changing ball, ball dead under the foot)
  • two against each other, both have a ball. Dribble towards each other, chop inside and back again (vary which foot to tap).
  • thigh tapping, pairs and one should tap the other on the thigh. The other must try and avoid to be tapped
  • Hang on! Pairs of two, one holds the other from behind to the waist and the front should try to move forward
  • On the back! One goes on the other's back and the runner has to run to the other side
  • This exercise is all about calling and moving.
  • The exercise consists of 4 players in a row. If you have a lot of players, you can make two starting positions.
  • Player A has the ball and plays in on player B. Player B has to call first!
  • Player B takes the ball and passes to player C. Again player C has to call.
  • Player C takes the ball and passes to player D. Player D must also call for the ball.
  • Player D dribbles on to the starting position.
  • From there again as at A. 


- Calling first before passing

- Start playing it well

- Control and turn

  • make a field about a quarter of a quarter.
  • Set two small goals opposite each other. Divide the players over the two goals. (With many players you can make two squares)
  • One party has the ball and plays over to the other side.
  • Then the 1 v 1 starts.
  • One side has to attack and defend the other. 
  • It is only allowed to shoot from the pilons towards the goal.
  • If the defending party picks up the ball, the roles can be reversed.
  • By playing this game quickly you practice passing, controlling, attacking, defending.
  • But also on fast shifting, perseverance and insight.
  • Make two rows of players. Give the rows a colored jacket. 
    • For example blue and yellow.
  • Place the rows opposite each other at a distance of about three meters.
  • At about 5 meters behind the rows is a line made with hats.
  • On command yellow or blue, the colour concerned sprints to the line behind it and must tap the other colour.
  • Pairs of two
  • One player plays to the other, firmly over the ground.
  • The receiving player has to drag the ball underneath, which gives the ball a spinning effect and rolls it further.
  • Team's in a circle.
  • A player in the middle.
  • From inside the circle the player passes to a player on the outside of the circle and gets the ball back.
  • The spot in the middle is taken over by the player from the circle.
  • The 4 groups start at the same time with one ball each
  • Group 1: 

    • A plays to B and takes the place of B. 

    • B controls the ball and dribbles to C, 

    • when he gets to C, he gives the ball to C, 

    • ...who's restarting the exercise. 

    • A runs towards and goes through the hoops, 

    • Join group 2

  • Group 2.

    • Group 2: Same as group 1,

    • to group 3 with warm-up exercises.

  • Group 3:

    • Same as group 1,

    • to group 4 over or through the hedges.

  • Group 4:

    • Same as group 1,

    • to group 1 with warm-up exercises.


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