Soccer drills for all skills

  • Make a set of three.
  • One of three in the middle.
  • The two outer ones always play the ball in on the player in the middle.
  • The player in the middle runs back and forth between 2 pilons. 
  • At the pilon the ball has to be bounced back. 
  • A player plays the ball deep in the corner.
  • The second player sprints that way and passes the ball in front.
  • The first player is sprinting along and finishes on the basket
  • Two rows of players
  • 1 row is attack
  • 1 row is defense
  • Trainer plays the ball on to a random attacker
  • Defender must run after the attacker to defend
  • Attacker must bounce the ball back in time
  • Pay attention:
    • pass good
    • receive good
    • bounce good
You are only allowed to run on the lines of, for example, a volleyball field. The ticker must try to tick off 1 of the runners.


  • Only turn right/left.
  • Knees high.
  • Hopping.
  • Backwards (don't fall!) etc.

Outside you can set up a closed course with hats or cones.