Soccer drills for all skills

  • Exercise that can be used to practise short and long passing
  • Advanced players can play in one time
  • Each player moves to set up a 1-2
  • 1 passes to 2
  • 2 passes back on 1 and 1 plays on 3
  • 3 passes back on 2 and 2 plays on 4
  • ...
  • 6 passes back on 5 and 5 plays in depth on 6
  • 6 finishes off, gets the ball and joins the line


  • Middle player speeds up to goal with ball at his foot and finishes on target
  • Returns to blue pilon (sprint), passes and gets the ball back from the player at the red pilon
  • Red takes the ball along the flank to the back line
  • Meanwhile the one that started goes back towards goal and asks the ball from other flank while running
  • Takes the ball on and finishes (outside the rectangle).
  • Right flank and attacker dive in the box and finish the cross coming from the left flank


  • The following exercise contains a lot of speed, agility, coordination, passing and even duelling.
  • A speed exercise that can be done at any time of the training.
  • Any age group can do this exercise. There are enough variations possible that you can apply yourself.
  • With the younger and even the older groups the FUN aspect is also very pleasant.
  • You can apply this form of exercise to different distances. It is especially important to look at your age group and what you want to achieve.
  • Both players A leave with shoulder to shoulder until they're between the poles.
  • (1), They then accelerate around the pilon and go back to the stick
  • (2,3). Behind the stick, they go sideways over the hurdles
  • (4). Again they go behind the stick and accelerate forward to the stick that's the furthest away.
  • (5). Back to the other pole again
  • (6) to then get a ball played in from B
  • (7) on which A finishes on target
  • (8).Player who finishes first wins.
  • In the older ages you can have the loser do push-ups or do an extra job.
  • At younger ages you add up the points.
  • A takes the place of B and B goes to A.
  • As a variation, you can have players B throw up the ball so that A has to head the ball inside the goal.
  • As you can see, it is all about speed, agility and coordination
  • Whoever wins, it's always fun and hard work is done
  • Have fun with this speed exercise and let us know what you thought of it


  • Make two teams. 
  • The goal is to get the ball to the other side of the line. 
  • You do this by standing in planking position and then pushing the ball to the other who is further along in planking position 
  • Then run on to the front and stand in planking position again and wait for the ball to arrive 
  • The team that is first on the other side wins

  • Scoring by shooting / passing towards a pilon
  • Controlling a rolling ball in front of or on the line
  • Good first touch (keep the ball under control)
  • Pass with inside foot / instep towards the pilon
  • Choose position to receive the ball
  • Make sure that you pay attention not only to the player who is passing, but also to the player at the other side that has to control the ball
  • An alternative may be not to work with individual scores, but with a score per pair. The couple that gets the most points wins
  • Scoring by dribbling across the goal line
  • Playing out of the situation through good positional play
  • Ball control in the positional play 
  • Act fast, be able to pass directly
  • Keep an overview of the situations for moving the game and choosing the moment and direction of the passing action
  • Cutting off the opponent's pass and keeping them off the ball
  • Coaching defenders to cut the line off the pass
  • Defenders coach on giving coverage (standing diagonally behind each other)
  • Both teams can score in a big goal
  • When the ball is out, dribble or play the ball back in play
  • Whenever a goal is scored, goal kick or corner kick, the goalkeeper starts his own goal.
  • (Possibly) substituting after every goal, goal kick or corner kick


  • Both teams can score in a big goal with goalkeeper
  • When the ball is out, the attackers play the ball back in, play or dribble in front of the defenders
  • At a corner kick or goalkick, start at the goalkeeper of the trio
  • Double score when the pair scores
  • When the ball goes back in play by the goaldefender, he no longer participates in the game.
  • Over time, the teams change.


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