Soccer drills for all skills

  • Put pawns as shown
  • Each pawn has a player
  • Bounce the ball according to the arrows
  • Turn, the last player dribbles back to starting position

  • White player passes to the goalkeeper
  • Goalkeeper cuts to the left and passes to the red player
  • Red player dribbles in and shoots
  • The exercise was mainly done to learn to move on after a pass.
  • So pass and walk on.
  • In combination with crosses and finishing makes it a nice exercise for the boys (7-8 years) and useful as a match situation (also without resistance).
  • 1 Player red passes to blue player and runs towards the corner.
  • 2 Player blue rebounds in the depth towards the corner.
  • 3 Player red passes to incoming player blue.
  • Player blue finishes off the ball.

Points of attention

  • Good pass in.
  • Get in the ball before the handover.
  • Handover in the deep.
  • Do not run in too early when finishing.
  • Pass and kick exercise
  • In which the income of the ball is obligatory
  • And running away from your opponent(s).

  • Emphasises switching from ball possession to ball loss and vice versa
  • When losing the ball, the closest player to the ball puts pressure on the other players as quickly as possible, making the field small
  • When recovering the ball, try to get to the free player as quickly as possible, if possible go forward even better, open up the field.

  • Sharp pass to the right foot of your shift mat
  • Control
  • Play in two strokes

  • 3 exercises around pawns.
    1. Slalom around cones, keep the ball close and take small steps with right foot inside foot and outside around cones
    2. Slalom around cones two-legged. First go to the left with the  inside of right foot and take over the outside of left foot,
  • Go to the right with inside left foot, and take over with outside left foot

  • Place pawns as in 2nd series:
  • Dribble tightly around them; keep the ball close to you, control is most important

  • In a square (box)
    • Speed is important, keep the ball with you,
  • 2 variants as in picture.
  • Around the box to the left and to the right, and in a cross.

  • 4 players on position as on picture.
  • Notice:
    • With player 2 2 players in line.
  • Player 1 plays player 2.
  • Player 2 turns and passes to wing player 3 right in front.
  • Player 3 near the 16 meter width pass on the left for player 4.
  • Player 4 passes the ball wide and player 1 finishes.
  • Player 1 to player 2, player 2 to player 3.
  • Player 3 to player 4, player 4 takes the ball and goes to the front of the line.
  • Duration:
    • +-15 min
  • Distance:
    • Width 4 mtr length white to blue 4 mtr and blue to blue 2 mtr.
  • Execution:
    • 2 red players try to outplay the red player in the other section.
    • When A plays the ball to the other square, player B joins the other square and the exercise continues.
    • After 2 minutes the player in the middle changes to another player.
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