Soccer drills for condition

  • 3 exercises around pawns.
    1. Slalom around cones, keep the ball close and take small steps with right foot inside foot and outside around cones
    2. Slalom around cones two-legged. First go to the left with the  inside of right foot and take over the outside of left foot,
  • Go to the right with inside left foot, and take over with outside left foot

  • Place pawns as in 2nd series:
  • Dribble tightly around them; keep the ball close to you, control is most important

  • In a square (box)
    • Speed is important, keep the ball with you,
  • 2 variants as in picture.
  • Around the box to the left and to the right, and in a cross.

  • Each player receives a number beforehand.
  • Players move randomly within the indicated space.
  • After receiving the ball, it is passed to the next player.
  • How many balls can be passed at once?
  • 2 teams are made.
  • In the middle is a pylon (or several).
  • Teams transfer the ball to other side first by example:
    • Throwing over.
    • Kick over.
    • Dropkick.
    • Heading.
  • Ball must be placed on the opposite side of the pile.
  • After this the next player can do it.
  • When the last ball is returned, the pawn in the middle can be kicked over.
  • Within the defined field, play is 4x4.
  • At each edge a neutral player stands.
  • This player is not allowed to enter the field, but has to move (offer).
  • Switching is easy when every team has its own colour.
  • Two teams are made.
  • In the middle stands a pylon (or several).
  • Teams first bring the ball over to the other side:
    • Throwing over.
    • Kick over.
    • Dropkick.
    • Heading.
  • The ball must be placed on the opposite side of the pitch, and the person passing on the ball must also sprint back.
  • After this, the next team can play.
    • When the last ball is returned, the pawn in the middle can be kicked over.
  • Pass kick with variations in finishing and build-up.
    • Goalkeeper throws out.
    • Forward passes and closes in.
    • Handball.
    • Goalkeeper shoots out,
    • forward with his back to the goal.
    • He turns away.
  • Split group into 2 groups.
  • 1 group starts with exercise 1.
  • 1 group starts at exercise 2.
  • 4 minutes per exercise with 2 min rest.
  • Exercise 1:
    • Running Ladder:
      • Knees low frequency high.
    • Low hurdles:
      • Punching jumps.
    • Zig zag pawns.
    • Sit low and moment at pawn short.
    • Sticks LOOP.
  • Exercise 2:
    • Running Ladder:
      • Sideways knees high.
    • High hurdles:
      • Hopscotch jumps.
    • Zig zag forward.
    • Canes SPRING.

  • Race from potty to potty in pairs of four.
  • Player 1 leaves and takes player 2 with him.
  • 1-2 take 3.
  • 1-2-3 take 4.
  • Relay for the fastest time.
  • Afterwards with ball (by passing between each other).
  • Pawns 15 meter apart.

Special goalkeeper training, reaction

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