Soccer drills for dribbling

  • Two teams.
  • Players leave together and dribble around pots.
  • At the last game turn completely around and go 1 against 1 and try to finish.
  • After finishing, defender becomes goalkeeper, striker becomes defender and goalkeeper takes ball and joins in for the exercise.
  • Each team along the side .
  • At the sign of the trainer, the first player of each team is going to get a ball and bring it to their camp.
  • There is one ball less than the number of players, so the last one must try to take a ball.
  • Field 15m+1m+15m on5m,
    • In addition, a cone 5m from the centre on each side.
  • On the left, 3 jars (white) are set 10 feet apart (first jar 10 feet from the line).
  • On the right 3 jars (blue) are put, again with 10 feet in between, but these start on the line.
  • We make so 3 streets, exercises are executed in the street and they'll be connected again via the zebra crossing (space between the streets).
  • Walking direction white caps is with left foot, walking direction blue caps is with right foot
  • Tap tap stop (same foot)
  • Tap stop (not from jar to jar but straight through the street), alternate feet and try to tap as much as possible
  • Tap-tap drag
  • Tap-tap make a V
  • Tap tap cap

For the better players this can be extended with
  • Tap behind supporting leg
  • Tap the crossover
  • Tap tap scissors
  • Tap tap Cruyff move

This exercise can be used in every training as a warming up.
  • White player passes to the goalkeeper
  • Goalkeeper cuts to the left and passes to the red player
  • Red player dribbles in and shoots
  • 3 exercises around pawns.
    1. Slalom around cones, keep the ball close and take small steps with right foot inside foot and outside around cones
    2. Slalom around cones two-legged. First go to the left with the  inside of right foot and take over the outside of left foot,
  • Go to the right with inside left foot, and take over with outside left foot

  • Place pawns as in 2nd series:
  • Dribble tightly around them; keep the ball close to you, control is most important

  • In a square (box)
    • Speed is important, keep the ball with you,
  • 2 variants as in picture.
  • Around the box to the left and to the right, and in a cross.

  • Player ''WHITE'' Sinks in to retrieve the ball from the goalkeeper.
  • Goalkeeper passes ball to ''WHITE''.
  • Player ''WHITE'' Dribbles towards player ''BLUE''.
  • At his starting point, he passes to Player ''BLUE'', ''WHITE'' runs on.
  • Player ''BLUE'' rebounds the ball to ''WHITE''.
  • Player ''WHITE'' passes to player ''RED''.
  • Player ''RED'' dribbles towards the 16.
  • Around the middle of the field, RED passes to BLUE2.
  • Player "BLUE2" rebounds the ball to "RED".
  • Player ''RED'' shoots the ball on goal.
  • The ball goes through the goal.
  • WHITE takes the position of BLUE.
  • BLUE takes position of RED.
  • RED takes position from BLUE2.
  • BLUE2 takes position of goalkeeper. (not necessary if you have a goalie).
  • Minimum 5 persons, to get and keep speed at least 7.
  • Each player receives a number beforehand.
  • Players move randomly within the indicated space.
  • After receiving the ball, it is passed to the next player.
  • How many balls can be passed at once?
  • Dribble in a zigzag.
  • Slanting pass with right foot, vertical pass with left foot.
  • Alternate passing move at blue
    • Felling movement.
    • Dragging movement.
    • Step over (outside off) and take the ball on the outside.
    • Double step (inside out).
  • Exercise double lining up.
  • O1 plays in to O2.
  • O2 plays long ball to K. K controls/catch ball and plays out the 3 on 2.
  • When O1/O2 take ball they score at big goal with K .
  • K + A1 and A2 score at small goal which O1/O2 defend.
  • Duration:
    • 15 min.
  • Passing on :
    • O1/O2 become A1/A2 and vice versa.
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