Soccer drills for all skills




  • Field of 10m by 10m
  • 1 or 2 magic trees (trainers) in the middle.
  • 1 ball per player.
  • Task 1: 
    • Players walk from one side of the magic forest to the other.
    • Without losing the ball.
  • Task 2:
    • Players walk from one side of the magic forest to the other.
    • Without losing the ball. 
    • But watch out; the magic trees have woken up. 
    • And moving through the forest.
  • Task 3:
    • Players walk from one side of the forest to the other.
    • Without losing the ball. 
    • But beware; the magic trees have woken up by a storm and are moving through the forest. 
    • But there are also branches and leaves everywhere.
  • Building to create opportunities, scoring goals
  • Make the space to play as large as possible - width - depth
  • Think deep and play deep if possible
  • Keep the ball
  • Principle: Width play serves as preparation / introduction / depth pass
  • Optimal field utilization



Do you want to get in better shape? You can, but it takes a few things.

  • What do you need?
    • Pawns 
    • Football 
    • Clothes you can sport in  
    • Staircase 
  • First of all, it is important that you make sure you warm up before you start working on your cardio!
  • What should you do?
    • Run 2 pawns forward 1 to the back and repeat this every time. 
      • Do that 2x
    • Grab the ball and run 5 rounds with the ball. 
      • This will ensure ball control and as well as do something about your condition.
    • You can also do exercises indoors for your fitness, like running up and down the stairs 5 times. 
  • Of course you can also give your own twist to how you want to do it, but I think this is the best and nicest way to improve it. 
  • Don't try to run fast on the first day without stopping and take small steps!
  • Make a square with pylons in which butter cheese and eggs can be played
  • form two groups
  • use 6 jackets, 3 yellow and 3 green
  • Play butter cheese and eggs with the jackets 


Field setup:

Set up 2 x 2 pawns per group of 2 players. Every 2 players get 1 ball.


The ball is thrown up by one player and kicked back by the other. The following variants must be practised.


  • Head the ball back into the hands of the player.
  • Head the ball over the player.
  • Head the ball through the ground towards the player.


  • Make sure you head from your neck and don't just let the ball bounce on your head.
  • Always tighten your arm muscles and move your head towards the ball.

  • Positional defending needs to be very good
  • Forcing opponent to play wide
  • Take away ball
  • Keep seeing the ball
  • Without fouls preventing the scoring of the opponent
  • Keeping an overview, seeing more than just direct opponent (covering your back)
  • Working together (creating small spaces) to hold up the other party
  • Start dribbling immediately
  • Act fast, try to pass directly


  • Both teams can score on a small goal
  • When the ball is out, dribble in
  • Dribble in at a back ball or corner kick


  • 2 groups
  • Both groups are on one side next to the goal. 
  • 1 player plays the ball high/low (depending on level), to player 2 who is in a square at the edge of the penalty area. 
  • Player 2 must check the ball in square and shoot. 
  • Retrieves his own ball and connects at the row next to the goal. Player of the other team was waiting behind square, now moves up. 
  • Must be done at high speed, otherwise it will be too static. 
  • The team with the most goals wins. 
  • Player 1 and Player 2 start dribbling at the same time. 
  • At the end they pass through pawns to the other side. 
  • The next player receives the ball and starts dribbling.